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3 Tips to Master Mercury Retrograde and Avoid Mercurial Mess-ups!

I’ve seen, heard and read it all…

Mercury Retrograde is a time of near disaster. Don’t trust your eyes and ears, avoid contracts, and count on at least one of your major electronics giving you issues.

I have people ask me all the time about things you should avoid and when I ask them about why they think they should avoid things; they cite the latest fear-mongering astrology article that they found online. It certainly seems to convey a picture of the stars and planets either being on your side or completely against you – and there’s nothing you can do about it but duck and keep cover until conditions are more favourable.

Enter Aleks – the Esoteric and Hermetic astrologer. I say that’s absurd and rather disempowering. Coming from an ancient tradition of Hermetic philosophy (the true root of astrology), the understanding about our relationship to the stars and planets differs from what you’re going to find modern-day astrologers writing about. Stated simply, Hermetic philosophy teaches that we are here to master the energy of the stars and planets.

In the spirit of true Hermetic philosophy, here are 3 tips to help you begin mastering the powers of Mercury – the planet of the mind!

1) Consider Mercury Retrograde (Rx) trial periods.

Do you Mercury Rx periods have memories of things gone awry? Strange outcomes? Unexplained and sometimes even comical situations?

Mercury is the planet of the mind. He supports all communication and mental functions in our lives. As the planet of intelligence, learning, communication and technology, when he goes into retrograde motion, these functions are left to us to manage on our own. So, when Mercury Rx comes around, one of the best attitudes to take is to be curious and test things out. The presumption that you know everything becomes your enemy – in fact, that presumption is always our enemy, but it only becomes obvious during Mercury Rx.

The other thing to take into consideration is that Mercury Rx stresses weak points in your life. You experience “failure” when there are weaknesses in thinking, memory, technology, communication and learning. Every Mercury Rx is a stress test. Some periods will pass by unremarkably – because you have fewer or no weak points. Some periods will pass by with more difficulty – but if you simply acknowledge the weak point and take steps to address it, then it won’t have to be a stress the net time around. Learn from and improve your weaknesses!

2) Use your Intelligence, Adaptability and Organizational Skills!

When everything seems to be going awry, it can be hard to believe in your intelligence and adaptability. Or maybe you’ve never been particularly confident in those aspects of yourself to begin with. The good news is that Mercury Rx is a time to improve and gain more confidence in these qualities!

As mentioned above, during Mercury Rx, you don’t get the normal energetic support to function on mental, perceptive and communicative planes. You may feel overwhelmed with details, little messes and mass amounts of things to be dealt with, immediately. You must rely on your own abilities to manage everything. So, what does that mean exactly?

Instead of avoiding using your intelligence and adaptability, put extra effort into these skills! Train yourself to find solutions and to meet the needs of situations. Give yourself extra time to sit down and gain perspective on what’s ahead of you so you don’t feel crushed by the number of things on your plate!

Aleks’ Must Try: if you truly feel that you’d like to upgrade your mental capabilities, the Full Spirit Activation helps to awaken the old brain giving you more access to your physical senses and greater capability to make decisions. We all reach a point where evolution is needed, and if you’re there, this is a great tool to jump-start your evolution. If you’re in Toronto, message me! If not, you can find practitioners in your area here!

3) Stop assuming everything will go wrong!

One of the other names for Mercury was Hermes. The root of Hermetic Philosophy derives from Hermes (Trismegistus) himself. So, please pardon me while I journey a little deeper into Hermetic Philosophy here…

The first tenet of Hermetic Philosophy is:

“The All is Mind – the Universe is Mental.”

Thinking is a precursor to creation. All things must exist as a thought before they are grounded and manifested in our physical reality. Whatever you think has the potential to be manifested by you or someone else! So, watch your thoughts!

Part of the reason I often make doomsday jokes about Mercury Retrograde is to simply counter the drama I see out there! The more emotion we invest in a thought, the easier it is for that thought to manifest in the physical world. When you fret and frown and worry about an upcoming Mercury Rx period, fantasizing and pouring emotional energy into all of the possibilities for things to go wrong, all you do is create your own fears! It’s not the healthiest thing for you to manifest.

Aleks’ starting tip: Meditation. Start the practice of disengaging from your thoughts. Challenge the assumption that everything you think is true and you’ll notice that you don’t freak out and dramatize your thoughts in the same way anymore. If you can do this, then worrisome thoughts about Mercury Rx will be no issue at all!

The concept that thoughts are a precursor to creation is one of the core concepts we delve into in the Empower Thyself Class. There are ways to break this cycle of creating negative outcomes and scenarios with your thoughts. This 2-day class helps you master your mind and its negative tendencies so that you can start creating the actual life you want.

So, there you have it folks! My 3 tips for successfully mastering Mercury Retrograde periods and avoiding major pitfalls and mistakes!

· Consider Mercury Retrograde (Rx) trial periods

· Use your Intelligence, Adaptability and Organizational Skills

· Stop assuming everything will go wrong

Keep these 3 things in mind every time Mercury Rx happens, and you’ll become a pro at managing your energy and the mental realms of your life.

And if you’re really having difficulty with Mercury Rx, consider a Natal (Birth) Chart Reading so that we can highlight and heal the weaknesses in the mental realm of your chart together!

Wishing you Mental Mastery!




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