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Energy Healing

The ancient Hermetic Maxim "As within, so without" is the fundamental basis of our experiences in life. We always experience and perceive things as they are, but rather as we are. That doesn't necessarily mean that you're a negative person, but rather that aspects of the subconscious or traumas can create blockages or prevent you from using your strengths and gifts.

The Healings offered by Aleksandra come from the Lineage of King Salomon via the Modern Mystery School. These ancient lineage healings soothe mind, heart, and soul for greater joy, clarity, fulfillment and empowerment. Whether you're dealing with chronic anxiety or stress, physical ailments, heartache or loss, spiritual healing nurtures what is within so that your outer experiences change.

Aleksandra is honoured to provide many modalities and listed below are a few modalities that she recommends beginning with. If you would like a customized program, you are also welcome to a free Discovery Call to find out what will best serve you!

Not sure where to start?

If you're not sure where to start, you are welcome to contact Aleksandra for a free 15-minute Discovery Call! Together, we'll get to the root of your troubles and create a treatment plan so that you can go back to loving your life again!

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