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Master the Stars is affiliated with the Modern Mystery School International. All healings, classes and sessions provided by Aleksandra Ceho derive from this lineage and training.

About the Modern

Mystery School

Aleksandra first started her own training with the Modern Mystery School back in 2004. All of her experience and expertise has come about as a result of her intense studies and dedication to her own spiritual progression as well as that of others. Everything that Aleksandra provides come from this lineage and she is honoured to be able to share these amazing teachings, healings and services in Mississauga, Toronto and worldwide!

The Modern Mystery School comes from a background of working with the lineage-based teachings of King Salomon the Wise. Held in secret for protection and to maintain the sanctity of these teachings, they were brought into the public in 1997 by the Modern Mystery School's Founder Gudni Gudnason. The key to the training that you can receive here is based on the very fact that it is lineage. These teachings have managed to survive intact to present-day in their original sacred format. Handed down in an oral tradition from teacher to student, the essence, power and magickal keys provide the capacity for magickal mastery that cannot be experienced elsewhere.

Since 1997, the Modern Mystery School has expanded into 50 countries worldwide and offers core teachings such as the Empower Thyself class and Initiation, the Healers Academy and specialty subjects such as Astrology, Wicca, Alchemy, Hermetics and so much more. The depth of teachings and the power of the initiatory rites that are such an integral core of this lineage help to provide the rich energetic experience, growth and learning for all those who partake of these teachings.

To learn more about the Modern Mystery School, please visit their website by clicking on the logo above!


Lineage Holders of the Modern Mystery School


As the Modern Mystery School has expanded its teachings and service worldwide, it has also expanded its leadership base in order to be able to keep the integrity of the  teachings intact. Our current leadership consists of the three highest Initiates who guide the teachers and practitioners and hand down the higher lineage teachings. They are the Lineage Holders and direct the worldwide operations of the Modern Mystery School. Founder Gudni Gudnason, Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon and Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome are the three Lineage Holders and Aleksandra has had the honour of working with all three. 

These 3 Lineage Holders are men of great wisdom and deep metaphysical knowledge who share the common mission of world peace. Aleksandra has studied with them for several years and has grown profoundly from their guidance and leadership.

The Council of Twelve


Also existing as part of the leadership of the Modern Mystery School is the Council of Twelve - the feminine body of leadership within the school who are responsible for helping birth the higher energies of the school into the physical. 

The Council of Twelve consists of 12 female high initiates from all over the world who help to establish the projects and structures that support the growth of the school and its service.

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