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Astrology Readings

All sessions listed on this page are provided either online or in-person by Aleksandra Ceho who is an Astrologer, Guide, Healer and International Instructor with the Modern Mystery School. Whether you need clarity and insight into yourself, your future or a relationship, you have the opportunity to gain insight and perspective through the various readings offered below!

Birth Info for Readings

All Astrology Readings require your birth information,  which includes your:

  • Date of birth

  • Time of birth

  • birth location

astro chart.jpg

Natal Chart Consultation

3 hrs

Receive the key insights into the strengths, qualities and lessons that are part of your purpose and development!

Here are a few of the gems you'll receive:

  1. Discover all the hidden skills and talents you have that will help you fulfill your purpose!

  2. Get ahead of the traps your negative ego sets that keep you in negativity!

  3. Empower your relationships by mastering your emotional and passionate aspects!


Investment: $400

astrology forecast.jpg

Personalized Astrology Forecast
90 minutes

Discover the themes, lessons, and priorities that are aspecting your personal chart over the next year. What are the areas of life you can build upon and improve? Where is the universe supporting you? What kind of challenges will you be navigating?

Get the answer to these questions and more!

Investment $400

a table with a purple velvet cloth with a cornucopia on top filled with fruits and coins.j

Astrological Keys to Abundance
1 hr

Let's talk abundance!


The keys to opportunity, money, abundance and how to best manage these parts of your life are all sitting within your chart!


If you feel that opportunity abounds but doesn't seem to manifest or land in your bank account, let's talk!

Investment: $250

The sun with a light blue sky and an astrology chart below.jpg

Solar Return Reading

1 hr

The perfect birthday gift for great friends and loved ones! (And yourself too!)

The Solar Return Reading highlights where your efforts will pay off in the coming year, themes to expect, areas of healing, and quality of mindset that you approach your new cycle with!

Solar Return Charts hold the keys to major events, life changes, and health - all great things to have insight into!

Investment: $250

astrology chart with angels in each corner.jpg

Esoteric Astrology Reading
3 hrs

This Astrology Reading is recommended for those who are walking a spiritual path and looking to develop a greater awareness and ability to utilize your spiritual gifts. Upon the path of Initiation, your relationship to the planets begins to change and with it, new planets step in as your planetary rulers to guide over your evolution.


In addition to these new planetary rulerships, you will also learn about:


7 rays of the En-Sof: your primary rays influence your manifestation style, understanding these rays allows you to be conscious and successful in manifestation

Vulcan: understanding the limitations of the mind and what your mind is being forged into

Earth: provides more concrete/practical understanding of your purpose and what it looks like in the physical realm

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto: generational lessons as well as your connection to the mind, heart, and will of god.

Investment: $450

a golden sextant against a dark starry sky.jpg

Chart Rectification

This service brings clarity to those who don't know their birth time or are unsure of the accuracy of what they have. This technique works with major life events to work backwards to determine sensitive points in the birth chart that are related to the time of birth.

This technique requires the submission of 10-15 major life events, what they are and the exact date that they happened. Major life events can include weddings, birth of children, graduations, purchase of homes, court cases, accidents, surgeries and any other events that have had a significant impact on your life.

Using the information provided, Aleksandra will determine or correct the time of birth for you to use for any charting purposes.


Investment: $300

a hermit in a robe walking in the desert with the dark night sky filled with stars.jpg

Hermetic Astrology Reading
1 hr

Coming exclusively from the teachings of the Modern Mystery School’s branch of Hermetic Astrology, this reading is similar to a channeling and works with the energy of Kronos, the Lord of Time and Space. By delving into the nature of your soul, and your relationship with the seven Hermetic principles,  you'll gain valuable insight into mastering the creation of your reality.

  • Discover the sign of your soul and its true nature

  • Learn what star guides your life and purpose

  • Receive Kronos' insight into your gifts and strengths

  • Gain a solid grasp on your ability to receive reality and how to improve it


*** Available in-person only!

Investment: $450

a loving couple looking at an astrology chart together.jpg

Synastry Reading for Couples
2 - 3 

Looking for clarity or insight into your relationship with your partner? Do you want to know the elements of your relationship that keep love alive? And maybe the ones that create friction or conflict?

In this session, we'll explore:

  • your communication styles and how to connect more deeply

  • love natures and how each of you derives fulfillment and satisfaction from the relationship

  • the flow of masculine and feminine energy between the two of you and how to harmonize

  • your ability to manifest as a couple and outside factors such as work and money that can impact your relationship

No matter whether your relationship is fairly new or decades-long, this reading can help smooth, strenghten and heal your relationship!

Investment: $450

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