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Boosting your Vitality: Mars Retrograde in Aries – September 2020

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve written about what’s going on in the skies and I thank you for holding on!

I’ve just recently returned from Minneapolis where I was honoured to help administer the Healers Academy, the Ritual Master Programs, and other classes alongside my fellow colleagues at the Modern Mystery School. It was beautiful to watch so many souls continue in their evolution and growth! In that vein, I want to take a moment to share about the energy of Mars Retrograde.

In a nutshell, Mars Retrograde in Aries is a time of extremes – especially, in the areas of vitality, anger and courage. But before I move on, let’s look at the technical details of this upcoming Mars retrograde period.

The Nitty Gritty Details of Mars Retrograde:

Dates: September 9th to November 13th, 2020

Retrograde Sign: Aries

Theme: Impulse Control and Correct Use of Energy

Mars is the God of War – the God of vitality, sex, action, and aggression. At his worst, Mars could be characterized as the stereotypical macho male whose only desire is conquest and domination in all areas of life. But as with all planets, Mars is as equally in your chart as any other. The good news is that Mars only moves into retrograde period once every 26 months, so once this retrograde period is over, it will be over 2 years before we work so intensely with him again.

Mars governs over your physical health, sexuality, desires, and your ability to take initiative in life. When he moves into retrograde motion, he likes to put you through a bootcamp in these areas of your life – making demands for improvement and results like the true drill sergeant he is! While in his own sign (Aries), this is a time of learning about your ability to take initiative, your ability to manage your own impulses (and instincts), and how to use your energy correctly so that you don’t waste it or put your health in jeopardy.

Self-restraint or self-control?

In the Greek tradition, Ares was the God of War (and coincidentally, the zodiac sign is named after him). Ares symbolized the power, explosiveness, and lust that are the hallmarks of Mars’ energy as filtered by the negative ego. Ares was not revered so much as he was feared – a force not to be angered. When Mars is retrograde in Aries (his own sign), it is time to look at the forces of aggression that reside within.

If this is the area that Mars (the drill sergeant) is demanding improvement in, you may notice a few things happening:

· Feeling easily triggered by words or situations

· Impatience when things aren’t going your way

· Revisiting old grudges, hurts, and pains

· Frustration with obstacles and delays

· Seeing guilt and being judgmental towards others

For those who have Mars-dominated charts, you may feel dread thinking “more?”. No matter whether you are lean more towards the passive or the aggressive; the fiery, aggressive energy of Mars stokes the fires of judgment, swelling them up within you. The question is:

Are you restraining those judgments, or do you have the control necessary to withhold judgment in the first place?

When it comes to Mars and judgment, restraint is not the way to go. Restraint is simply not stating the judgments you actually have. Restraint means that you suffer from the lack of expression, and trapping those judgments, that negative energy within. So, what does the drill sergeant want: to press that judgmental aspect of yourself so that you can bring it under true control.

The only way to accomplish that though is to stand as the Higher Self – that aspect of you that is light and utilizes all energy in your life to serve you and others. If you want to stand as the Higher Self – The Life Activation and Empower Thyself Class and Initiation will propel you there. Activating the spiritual DNA and taking up the correct practices to build and enhance the intuition and wisdom will help elevate you to be able to control those fiery, judgmental aspects of yourself.

Courageous or Foolhardy?

Here’s another aspect of Mars Retrograde that you may not have considered! When Mars is in Aries, it can be as though your desires have been strapped onto a rocket pack and have taken off. The blessing (and the backfire) is that your willingness to pursue those desires launched shortly after your desires and is in hot pursuit! Or you may also notice the reverse, that your courage has stalled to a complete stop, leaving you feeling like a coward.

If this is being tested in your life, you may notice these themes popping up:

· Ignoring knowledge of valid risks or factors

· Pursuing your desires at all costs

· Thinking that you are immune to risk or that risk doesn’t apply to you

· Trying to convince yourself that you don’t want something because it’s to difficult to obtain

· Feeling overwhelmed about the steps you must take to achieve something

Believe it or not, courage sits in the center of cowardliness and foolhardiness. Courage is the balanced virtue of being willing to act despite difficulties, risks, and hardship. Courage does not ignore risk, nor does it find itself overwhelmed by necessity of effort. Courage is what leads you forward to a better life, navigating through challenges and pitfalls.

When Mars is retrograde in Aries, the fiery nature of courage (which originates as a fire in the heart) is challenged. Whether those fires are stoked too strongly or almost snuffed out, this is the time to restore yourself to balance. Since Aries symbolizes the aspect of Mars that likes to drive to extremes, you will find your balance challenged. Remember to apply intelligence to that drive (or lack thereof) and you’ll be better able to temper that fire in the heart.

If you’re really finding yourself struggling, I would definitely recommend the Fire Soul Infusion which uses the power of Sacred Geometry to realign you with your purpose, and activates the Kundalini energy to help awaken your desire and the courage necessary to fulfill that purpose. If you’re in Toronto, don’t hesitate to give me a shout if that’s calling out to you!

Vitality or lethargy?

Last, but not least – Mars is the God of vitality. If your health has been a challenge, this retrograde period will put that to the test. Aries symbolizes that limitless energy of Mars, the abundance of life force energy and strength that is needed to champion everything in your life. If you have health issues that need to be addressed, this retrograde period will highlight and give you clarity as to where health needs to be restored.

If health is an area that Mars is calling your attention to, pay attention to:

· Lethargy and the need to sleep for long periods

· Wanting to accomplish a lot but finding your stamina lacking

· Disinterest and lack of sexual desire (or the opposite)

· Manic energy that prevents proper rest

· Tasking yourself with a lot to use up all the energy you have

There are many ways to work on restoring health and vitality like exercise, proper diet, and getting adequate rest. Mars retrograde in Aries is a great time to initiate new health habits like exercise or starting a healthier meal plan. The drive and desire to succeed will help boost your ability to maintain these new practices and habits. If you start at the beginning of the Mars retrograde period, you could already see results before Mars resumes his regular motion.

But if you’re generally taking care of your health and finding your vitality faltering, there is an alternative practice that you may want to consider. The term for vitality in the Taoist tradition is called chi or qi. This term translates to “life force energy”. Mars retrograde in Aries seeks to revitalize chi flow and vitality by calling attention to chi imbalances.

Oftentimes, a lack of vitality can result from holes in the aura causing a leakage of energy. As the aura is composed of chi, qi gong is a great way of healing the holes in your aura so that the energy you generate on a day-to-day basis can be cultivated for yourself.

If you’re looking for real, in-depth chi training, I cannot recommend anyone more than my good friend and brother Sylwester Organka. Here’s a link to one of his YouTube videos teaching a few chi exercises that you can do to increase your vitality.

Summing up the extremes:

From September 9th to November 13th, Mars is highlighting the extremes and imbalances in anger, courage, and health. Mars is an extreme planet, and Aries symbolizes the highest, most vital aspects of his nature.

We certainly have the opportunity to succumb to things like anger, foolhardiness, lethargy, and mania but that would be a waste of an opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed. So, if you want to make the most of Mars retrograde in Aries, consider this:

1) Heal old wounds, get over old grudges, and master the part of you that wishes to pass judgment on others – it’s only poisoning you.

2) Balance the fire in your heart – master your desires so that they don’t drive you into bad situations and conquer the fear that prevents you from achieving your dreams.

3) Take up the physical and spiritual practices that will revitalize you, giving you the energy you need to be healthy, joyful, and manifest your desires.

So, if you find yourself steaming at the ears, or blowing up, don’t forget these redirections. Mars is not always an easy planet to deal with, but when we master his energies, he gives us the strength, power, and passion we need to be strong and manifest.

Wishing you all strength of heart!




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