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Small Actions Equal Big Results: Capricorn Lunar Eclipse – July 5th, 2020


For those of you who’ve been keeping up with the astrological news that I’ve been sharing with you, I’m sure that this is great news – especially because this Lunar Eclipse is only a partial one. Just as a recap, here’s all we’ve dealt with astrologically in the month of June:

· Venus Retrograde in Gemini (May 13th to June 25th)

· Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse (June 5th)

· Mercury Retrograde in Cancer (June 18th to July 12th)

· Cancer Solar Eclipse (June 21st)

· Capricorn Lunar Eclipse (July 5th)

If you’ve felt like you’ve been going through an energetic washing machine on the spin cycle, that list above might explain a few things…

So, let’s look at the details and theme of the last Lunar Eclipse of this season!


Brace yourselves North America – this time we can see the Eclipse! It’ll make for quite a romantic Saturday evening (July 4th) starting at 11:07pm (Eastern Time) reaching its zenith at 12:31am.

Where else will it be visible: Western Europe (from Italy and Westward), and most of Africa will be able to see some of the Eclipse while North and South America get a full view of this beauty! It’s only a partial lunar eclipse, but that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the lunar eye candy!


Capricorn is a sign that derives its nature from Saturn – the old woman of the zodiac wheel. Like an old woman, both Capricorn and Saturn favour stability, predictability, and steady progression. When I say that, it makes it sound like Capricorn is a boring, and perhaps lifeless sign. But it’s not.

Capricorn is the sign that teaches us how everything we do adds up to the results that we receive.

This partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn is asking us to look at how the small actions we take add up to create big results – for better or worse! As the sign symbolized by the mountain goat, that fearless four-hooved climber; Capricorn’s energy functions in a manner like the way you would climb a mountain…one step at a time.

Each of those steps is seemingly inconsequential, but when you add them all up, you find yourself standing at the top of the mountain – a very consequential result! The top of the mountain is part of the magick and energy of Capricorn because it symbolizes the height of attainment and success in the physical world.

But allow me to play Devil’s Advocate for moment here and remind you that Capricorn also symbolizes the underworld too. But, what does all this have to do with the lunar eclipse?

The Capricorn Lunar Eclipse is a reminder that all the small actions we take a choice that either is a step up the mountain of success or another shovel full of dirt closer to the underworld. All those small actions, the things you think don’t count; they do. And the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse is asking you to look at the motivating force behind those actions and see what kind of effect that motivation is having on your mastery of the physical world.


One of the lower expressions of Capricorn is apathy – the complete lack of care and passion. When you think of apathy, you think of teenagers making faces and shrugging while muttering “who cares”. This an overt (and usually feigned) form of apathy. It’s easy to see. This lunar eclipse is asking you to look at the subtle forms of apathy that show up in everyday decisions and small moments like:

· Sleeping in after promising yourself you were going to wake up early to work out

· Rewarding yourself with an extra treat today

· Putting off resume submissions for a new job

· Spending money on lunch today because you didn’t feel like preparing it

· Indulging that bad habit (caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol, etc.)

When you face those decisions, you tend to look at the consequences of that one moment and when you only consider the immediate consequence, it’s easy to be apathetic! Capricorn is prodding you to send your gaze afar and have the wisdom to realize that the choices you make don’t just impact you in the immediate moment.

The Capricorn Lunar Eclipse is asking you to view those scenarios above like this:

· Sleeping in + no exercise x 365 days = 10 pounds weight gain

· Extra treat x 104 days (2x/week) = 5 pounds weight gain

· Putting off resume submission = $5000 in lost potential earnings

· Buying lunch x 52 (1x/week) = $1500 extra money spent on food

· Indulging bad habit x 1095 (3x/day) = 30 days subtracted from your life expectancy

Please don’t take these numbers as literal, but rather as an example of the wisdom that Capricorn is trying to share with you over the next 6 months. Apathy makes it appear that everything you lose; you gain in comfort. The comfort of sleeping in, the extra treat, etc. But if I told you in that moment, the long-term consequence of your actions, would you still do it?

If you knew that choosing to sleep instead of working out would cause a 10-pound weight gain, would you feel as comfortable under the blanket?

The Capricorn Lunar Eclipse is tasking you with the mission of recognizing and counteracting the hidden apathy in your life. For all those small decisions in your life, start asking yourself this question:

What is the cost of this choice (when repeated) a year from now? 5 years from now? 10 years from now?

When you start answering that question (and you won’t always know the answer), you’ll find the apathetic choice becomes a lot less attractive.


So, let’s look at how repetitive actions can be positive things. We know that the perspective of apathy is “who cares”, but when it comes to self-mastery, the perspective becomes oriented to “what will my contribution produce”.

All actions produce results. Effective actions produce better results. Capricorn’s teaching, however, is that sometimes the effective action is a multitude of small actions. Let’s use a financial example – who doesn’t dream of putting massive lump-sums into their savings or investment accounts? That would be an effective action – the bigger the lump-sum, the more money it’s going to generate for you. Maybe you don’t have $50,000 that you can invest with the snap of your fingers – but maybe the $500 you transferred into that account every month without fail for 35 years became something a lot bigger than you expected?

So where else can this step by step contribution impact your life?

· Finances, savings, and paying down debts

· Creating new positive habits

· Maintaining your home and cleanliness

· Creating business structures (websites, products, etc.)

· Generating an abundance of anything (money, tangible items)

· Health (taking positive actions with diet, exercise, supplements)

I call this form of motivation “self-mastery” because that’s what it takes to make the decision to put effort into something when you won’t see immediate results. When all you want to do is curl up in a ball and do nothing, it takes self-mastery and wisdom to realize that the energy and effort you put out matter.

So, let’s get you started building that inner wisdom and self-mastery!


Let’s recap:

· those choices you think don’t matter, do

· the choices you make add up to the result

· those choices either contribute to success or put you down in the dirt

Redirection is a spiritual term that is about taking something that doesn’t serve and reframing it so that it does serve in a truly good way. It is the art of “turning trash into treasure”, but it’s not just an art – it is the very height of magick.

Here’s a redirection exercise for you to start making choices and taking actions that build your physical life up:

a) What are the repetitive apathetic decisions you make regarding your health, home, habits, and finances?

b) What is the cost of those decisions? Give an exact measure where you can and keep track (i.e. extra latte = $5.00 or 130 calories, depending on what you’re measuring it for)

c) How can you redirect that choice into something that serves you? (Make your own latte and save the money, or drink water to avoid the extra caffeine and calories)

d) Keep track of these decisions and add them up at the end of 1 month, 3 months and 6 months. How many dollars did you save or invest? How many pounds did you lose? (Hint: 3500 calories equal 1 pound of fat)

e) Where possible, redirect what you’ve saved into something that will help you serve you in the future (i.e. all the extra money you might spend eating out, put it aside and deposit it into a savings or investment account)

Right now, especially when things have been difficult for many of you, it’s a great reminder that little things do add up over time. What you do matters and simple things you do now can make a world of difference later.

So, in a nutshell, here’s what this Capricorn Lunar Eclipse is trying to teach us all:

1) Stop looking only at the immediate effects of your actions, this leads to apathy

2) Consider how the investment of time adds to your choices

3) Redirect your time, money, resources where you can to more positive things that serve your life (even if it’s only a little)

4) Recognize that small, regular actions taken can produce amazing things in the future

5) Your daily life and the choices you make create the foundation upon which you handle the bigger things, so choose wisely

Normally, I speak more about the energy of things but since Capricorn is such a tangible, practical sign it’s best to act on the energy rather than to sit there and get lost in the feeling. Likely, you will find that emotions aren’t heightened at this time, but rather that you feel the tension between wanting to be comfortable and wanting to accomplish.

Here’s my take: rest when it’s time to rest, but otherwise get out there and succeed!

Wishing you all the power to redirect apathy into power, accomplishment, and success!




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