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Reactivity and Causation: Mercury Retrograde and Total Solar Eclipse in Aries

Reactive to Proactive:

Heal your relationship to Mars!

As I sit down to share this message, we are on the precipice of Mercury’s Retrograde period in the sign of Aries and a Total Solar Eclipse in Aries. That’s some intense Mars energy that we’re about to navigate here, and better to operate with awareness rather than succumb to the unconscious adaptation to the powers of Aries and Mars.

So, before we get into healthy ways to connect with Mars, let’s look at the upcoming Mercury Retrograde period and Total Solar Eclipse that are both happening in Aries.

Mercury Retrograde in Aries: April 1st to 25th, 2024

The key theme for Mercury’s Retrograde journey here is Reactivity. Aries is the most energetic, dynamic and speedy of the signs in the zodiac wheel. As Mercury begins retrograde motion here, it is easy for the mind to accelerate and respond at speeds where you lose control. Instinctive mental responses surface during this time and this can be a challenging time if your mind is used to running the show.

Take heart though, it’s not as bad as it seems. While the mind is hyped up on the energy of Mercury Retrograde in Aries, this is not a forever state. This is your time to test out all of the tools you have to restore your mind to balance. The tools that work now are the best in your toolkit and this is great information to know – there will be other periods in your life where your mind will try to spiral out of control and knowing what works can be the difference between being a mental case and feeling stressed but in control.

Total Solar Eclipse in Aries: April 8th, 2024

Well North America, in a rare viewing opportunity, this Total Solar Eclipse will be visible throughout most of the continent. (Of course, never directly look at the eclipse – while the sun’s light is reduced it is still harmful to the eyes!)

The themes for Solar Eclipses last approximately 6 months and for the Total Solar Eclipse in Aries, the theme is: Causation!

Who/what makes things happen in your life? Are you navigating your inner universe and applying your power with higher intelligence? Or are you the enviable centre of your own universe enduring the negativity that others throw at you?

These questions apply to both the good and the seemingly bad things that happen in your life. This Total Solar Eclipse in Aries is the time to embrace the power you have to make things happen in your life.

In the Modern Mystery School Lineage, we embrace the Powers of Heaven and the Universe to assist us in manifestation – but you direct them. If things don’t pan out, there was something missing in the equation that you didn’t know about. If you discern and embrace the lesson, growth comes from that making success possible in future endeavors.

In modern times, we talk about giving our power away and one of the most common ways that I see this happen is through the misattribution of causation. In plain English – by blaming or placing responsibility on people, situations and forces beyond their contribution. Aries is named after the God of War and when we blame things/people beyond their contribution, we effectively make an enemy of them and also rob ourselves of the ability to improve the situation.

So let’s take a look at how to work with these themes of Reactivity and Causation from a Hermetic Perspective.

Healthy Ways to Attribute Causation:

Let’s look at the Law of Cause and Effect with a Hermetic Mind.

Whenever we attribute causation to something, there are really only 2 directions we can look at:

1)       Outside of ourselves (other people, forces, energies, etc)

2)       Within ourselves (our thoughts, emotions, actions, etc)

90% of causation arises from within ourselves, that means that 90% of our blockages/failures can be shifted by changing things from within. In “You are not Perfect the Way you are”, an amazing book on Hermetic Principles written by Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon, he talks about the concept of Worthiness and how Worthiness is essentially preparation. Given that 90% of the success you have comes from within you, the more “Worthy” you are (i.e. the more prepared you are), the grander your successes can be.

Evaluating internal factors is the healthy way to look at causation as it is:

a)       in alignment with reality

b)       provides realistic hope that things can change for the better as you become wiser and prepare for success better

Reactivity, the challenge being presented to us by Mercury Retrograde in Aries can undermine the process of what I like to call Intelligent or Discerning Causation. When the mind is functioning too quickly on its own, your ability to see options and utilize everything to advantage is reduced. You know it’s happening when you finish something and start telling yourself that you forgot you could have done this or should have done that, but it didn’t occur to you in the moment.

Reactivity leads to wasted or impractical effort (not every time) but if it is our primary function, we become ineffectual and manipulable to outside forces instead of applying your force with intelligence to create what you want.

The correlation – if you have a reactive mind, there’s a good chance that you often blame external factors for your conditions and that means that change is not likely to happen.

But again, Astrology is not our doom or downfall. In fact, it is the means to our uplifting and empowerment. Since Mercury’s Retrograde period is in Aries, followed by the Solar Eclipse, we can look to the planet Mars for the virtue we need to release Reactivity and embrace being a potent Cause in our lives.

Mars: The Planet of Correct Action

The title above is totally correct – the virtue of Mars is to do the correct thing. To take the actions and initiatives that lead to success. We all have a relationship with Mars, and if it’s not a good relationship, then your actions are incorrect, inconsistent or lack potency.

When you have a great relationship with Mars, you are disciplined and discerning in your actions and that leads to being effective, strong, strategic and successful. Since Mercury Retrograde and the Solar Eclipse are both in Aries, one of the expressions of Mars, the month of April is going to be great for evaluating your relationship with Mars and where you could refine that relationship to overcome your own limitations.

Questions to ask yourself during Mercury Retrograde in Aries:

1)       Where do I demonstrate mental reactivity in my life and how often does it show up?

2)       Do I take time to slow my mind down so that I can combine action with higher intelligence?

3)       Does my mind follow my Will or is it rebelling and doing its own thing?

Questions to ask yourself during the Solar Eclipse in Aries:

1)       Examine blockages you’re coming up against. Where are you attributing cause and is that the actual cause?

2)       Do you worry too much about what other people think of your actions and success? Can you let go of worrying about their opinions and do what’s best for you?

3)       Can you create an environment in your life where success (yours and others) is celebrated instead of cause for envy?

Magickal Recommendations to Strengthen your Mars Connection:

There are many ways to connect to the power of the planet Mars. In the Modern Mystery School, we hand down many techniques such as Ritual and specific meditations like the Sanctuary Meditation Technique to connect with spiritual beings in a safe manner.

If you’d like to explore more about those techniques, you are welcome to contact me, and I am happy to connect you with the person closest to you.

If you like something to carry on you or leave as a totem on your personal altar, here are a few ideas:

Deities: Mars, Ares, Horus, Sekhmet, Durga

Herbs: Blood Root, Chili Pepper, High John the Conqueror, Nettle, Tobacco

Crystals: Hematite, Sardonyx, Ruby, Onyx, Garnet

Oils: Dragon’s Blood, Coriander, Ginger, Pine, Wormwood

Colours: All shades of red, black and grey

Recommended Healing Modalities:

Self – Healing is wonderful to embrace, but sometimes we have blind spots or areas that we just need further assistance with. If you’re finding that this is the case, here are a few healing modalities that I would recommend trying. If you are local to Toronto, you are welcome to get in touch with me and we see what will help you. If not, I am happy to direct you to a nearby practitioner!

Here are the modalities I would recommend to heal your relationship with Mars:

Fire Soul Activation – embrace the power of passion and reconnection to purpose to become a potent force in your own life.

Core Will Infusion – connect to the power of Will, the force that causes creation. This healing will help bring your mind into alignment with your Will and make it easier to do good things for yourself and others.

King Salomon Auric Region Modalities – a series of 10 healings utilizing the power of Jesus the Christ and the Archangels to expand the powers of the aura, connect you to the powers of Heaven and the Universe, and gain tremendous wisdom and power to live your life in alignment with strength, light and goodness.


Like I said, it’s a lot of Aries energy. This is great though! We need to master these principles of reactivity and causation. In all honesty, if you did, you would be like a wise military general who always wins because you combine strength with intelligence and preparation. So that’s your challenge for the next 6 months, but the biggest learning curve will be in April while Mercury is in Retrograde motion.

I have faith in you though – I know that there is wisdom, discernment and strength within you. Purify your relationship to Mars and the sign Aries! The boost of power you will receive make a huge difference to your confidence, your strength and your success.

Sending you all the blessings of courage and strength,



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