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Forever Single...

Relationships fail...

Your work lives drain you...

Money problems occupy you...

Anxiety and emotions overwhelm you...

There are thousands of negative things I could write above that you would nod your head to! No one's life goes unchallenged and this is exactly why we need healing!

Stress and anxiety relief - this is what my clients come to me for and I always tell them - if you don't change the energy, you don't change the outcome! Healing does just helps you change the energy so you can engage life in a different way.

So that you can make lasting changes with real results!

Aleksandra offers a number of healings that she has learned upon the path of the King Salomon Lineage through the Modern Mystery School. Below is a selected list of the healings that Aleksandra offers. Please contact Aleksandra for information on specialty sessions that she also is certified to offer or if you want a customized plan for your healing and progression. 

The Life Activation 


Your spiritual DNA contains the keys to who you truly are. All of your gifts, intuitive abilities and even your life purpose reside dormant in the spiritual DNA awaiting activation. This amazing tool of empowerment will bring greater light to your aura and energy bodies, re-awaken your connection to the creational powers that are the elements, magnetic and etheric energies.

This session was the culmination of work by King Salomon and the healers and priests and priestesses of all the world's tribes. This tool of empowerment will bring you into alignment with your soul and spirit and help you to access the wisdom and power of your higher self. This is the most fundamental and important connection that you can make in this lifetime.

In this 1 hour session, you will receive amazing benefits:

  • Stronger connection and clarity of the intuition

  • Renewed strength, passion and connection to your life purpose

  • Clearing of genetic karma that results in diseases and negative traits passed down through generations

  • Greater ability to connect to universal energies to manifest

  • Awakening of dormant gifts that you need to fulfill your purpose here on Earth


This session is concluded with a reading of the information located in your DNA giving you direct personal guidance on your growth and progression upon your spiritual path.

To find out more about this session or to book your time slot, click here!

The Full Spirit Activation


As a follow-up to the Life Activation, the Full Spirit Activation enhances the connection between your soul, your physical body and your brain - awakening the power of your Chakras and the Tree of Life to restore higher mental and emotional function.

This enhanced connection between your soul, brain and physical body will:

  • Heighten your physical and psychic senses

  • Assist you in recognizing and staying true to your own path

  • Fight apathy - one of the primary causes of bad decision making

  • Develops deeper love and appreciation for yourself and your life

  • Boosts your connection to the divine

This powerful session is recommended to all of you suffering from apathy, depression, loss and grief as well as those of you who truly wish to anchor yourselves to your own purpose and path.

Emotional Cord Cutting


In daily life you establish emotional cords with all those you come into contact and have emotional exchanges with.  From your family and friends to co-workers and romantic relationships, these emotional cords allow for the transfer of energy between you and all the people in your life. This is not always for your highest good as you often feel drained or connected to the negativity of others. 

Releasing these cords can help free you from the pain and negativity of dying relationships and will allow you to have access to more of your energy and release inappropriate ties, leaving you feeling lighter and more free.

This session comes highly recommended for those leaving relationships of any kind - romantic, friendship or professional. If you're ready to clear the slate and let go of toxic relationships, contact us!

The Ra Protection Healing

This session works with the power of the Egyptian God of the Sun - Ra.  As the supreme God of Egypt and of the light, this session provides you with a deep cleansing of the energy field removing stagnant and negative energy while sealing and protecting your aura from outside influences that cause confusion and harm. The power of this session will leave you feeling clean and clear and protect you from the undue influence of outside emotional and negative energies for months to come!

This session comes highly recommended as a follow-up to the Life Activation for all of you empaths out there and all of you healers out there who regularly deal with the emotional lives of others or high-stress environments and situations.

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