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wisdom teachings

Prepare for Premier Spiritual Teachings!

(Youtube and New Age bloggers don't even compare...)

Interested in Metaphysics?

You Want to be a better person?

Looking to develop your intuition?

Need tools so you can change your daily life?

Hoping to find the right knowledge that will help you make real changes?

These are all valid reasons for you to pursue a spiritual education! Nothing beats the feeling of growth you get from true learning! Aleksandra's love of teaching all spiritual subjects stems from the success she sees in her clients! Aleksandra teaches a number of spiritual and metaphysical classes and if there's something you don't see, contact her and she can give you more details on options available to you!

As Aleksandra has spent over a decade pursuing sacred teachings for healing and the purpose of sharing with others, here is a selected list of classes that she has to offer you to assist in your own spiritual progression. All of the classes she offers come from the Lineage-based teachings of King Salomon through the Modern Mystery School.

If you have particular interests or a need for specific tools, please feel free to contact Aleks to find out how she can best assist you!

Empower Thyself Program and Initiation


Your Life has Meaning and Purpose!

The Empower Thyself Class will help you to understand the bigger picture. Your life has meaning and purpose and as a creator, you have the potential to answer the most important questions of life so that you can devote yourself to those things which bring you joy and passion:

  • Who am I?

  • What am I?

  • Where did I come from?

  • Where am I going?

  • What is my purpose? 

This class is a week-end long journey and exploration into the concepts of God, the Universe and how you as a spirit fit into this world. In addition to learning about the powers of heaven and the universe, you will receive tools that will help you connect to these powers of creation and use them to assist you in manifesting the life you truly desire.

The class ends with your first-step initiation into the Lineage of King Salomon. This lineage is over 3000 years old and has held these sacred teachings of the Mystery School in safe keeping. This initiation brings you 10 times greater light and power, divine guidance and protection and 4 brand new spirit guides whose sole purpose is your spiritual progression.

Spiritual Intuition


This is a fun and interactive workshop designed to help you work and build your spiritual senses.  In this class you will receive exercises that work with the physical senses to build a stronger connection between your energetic and physical realities.  These exercises are designed to improve your clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience among other senses.  Through this class, you will learn what your strongest gifts are and how to improve all your psychic senses with continued training of the techniques taught in class. 

Astral Travel

Have an out of body experience!  This class will teach you the theory behind Astral Travel and how to journey out of body to see the world and cosmos, retrieve information and receive guidance.  This class teaches techniques that help you to journey deeper and receive information in a clear manner.  Learn the Prayer for Safe Journeys and experience a group travel session with instructors trained to help you manage your energy so that you get the most out of your out of body experience.

Sacred Geometry

The world was created through numbers, letters and sounds.  This class weaves these energies together and teaches you all about the divinity within all things.  In this class you will learn the theory of the Three Keys to Heaven.  The practical components of this class will teach you to invoke the Three Keys to Heaven within yourself and to use these keys to activate and protect spaces like your home and office as well as to build an energetic temple or sacred space for yourself. 

Sacred Geometry 2

Do you love crystals? Do you feel better in their presence? Do you own 100 pieces of crystal jewelry and stones?


Are you eager to learn how to work with the energy of crystals? Begin your journey of a healer by working with the power of crystals for healing and empowerment! In this class, you will be handed down a number of techniques to heal yourself and others. You will learn how to create crystal grids in homes and provide empowering readings for others.  Techniques and modalities taught in class can be used for yourself, your clients and the home. 

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