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3 steps to mastery

Step 1: Your Personal Astrology Reading


You are far more than just your Zodiac sign! Believe it or not, you chose a specific date, time and location so that you could anchor the specific energies you need for your purpose. Using this birth information, Aleks will generate your personal natal chart so that you can have a deeper understanding of what kind of qualities and magick you brought with you to Earth.

Having a deeper understanding of those qualities and gifts (as well as how they can work against you at times), Aleks will guide you on how to make the best of your abilities as well as how to deal with the obstacles and challenges that will help you grow into a stronger, healthier and more joyful person. This 90 minute session will help bring you to a deeper understanding of yourself, your life experiences and your way forward.

Step 2: The Life Activation 


Your spiritual DNA contains the keys to who you truly are. All of your gifts, intuitive abilities and even your life purpose reside dormant in the spiritual DNA awaiting activation. This amazing tool of empowerment will bring greater light to your aura and energy bodies, re-awaken your connection to the creational powers that are the elements, magnetic and etheric energies.

In this 1 hour session, you will receive amazing benefits:

  • Stronger connection and clarity of the intuition

  • Renewed strength, passion and connection to your life purpose

  • Clearing of genetic karma that results in diseases and negative traits passed down through generations

  • Greater ability to connect to universal energies to manifest

  • Awakening of dormant gifts that you need to fulfill your purpose here on Earth


This session is concluded with a reading of the information located in the DNA giving you direct personal guidance on your growth and progression upon your spiritual path.

Step 3: The Empower Thyself Class and Initiation

Your Life has Meaning and Purpose!

The Empower Thyself Class will help you to understand the bigger picture. Your life has meaning and purpose and as a creator, you have the potential to answer the most important questions of life so that you can devote yourself to those things which bring you joy and passion.

This class is a week-end long journey and exploration into the concepts of God, the Universe and how you as a spirit fit into this picture. In addition to learning about the powers of heaven and the universe, you will receive tools that will help you connect to these powers of creation and use them to assist you in manifesting the life you truly desire.

The class ends with the first-step initiation into the Lineage of King Salomon. This lineage is over 3000 years old and has held these sacred teachings of the Mystery School in safe keeping. This initiation brings you 10 times greater light and power, divine guidance and protection and 4 brand new spirit guides whose sole purpose is your spiritual progression. Included with this class and initiation are these incredible teachings, a manual filled with greater depth and knowledge of these teachings and continued coaching, mentoring and guidance upon your spiritual journey.

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