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Of all the Astrology resources out there, I trust Aleks above all others. You can really feel her passion and all of her readings are truly meant to empower her clients!!


Boston, USA

Natal (Birth) Chart Reading:

Aren't you curious to know what makes you "you"? Do you have a sense of the amazing person you could become and want to know how to become that person? 

Having your birth chart read can help you understand the predominant gifts and challenges that you will encounter in this life, your elemental make-up, the archetypes you work with and your ability to interact with others, yourself and the world. Based on the teachings of Sumerian and Greek Astrology, this session will help uncover aspects of your true nature and how to grow and succeed on your personal path. Your session comes with a summary and is recorded for you to have so that you can always go back and journey into the wisdom and teachings of your chart.

In this 2-hour session, here are a few of the gems you'll receive:

  1. Discover all the hidden skills and talents you have that will help you fulfill your purpose!

  2. Get ahead of the traps your negative ego sets that keep you in negativity!

  3. Know the areas of your life where fortune is present!

  4. Reveal the Archetypes of power in your life and how they influence your true nature!

  5. Empower your relationships by mastering your emotional and passionate aspects!

Length: 2 hours (approx.)
Availability: in-person or online

Contact Aleksandra for pricing details

For the best possible reading, please provide Aleksandra with your:

- date of birth

- birth time

- birth location

(Please note that this session requires a birth time, if you do not have one and wish to find it, please see the Chart rectification service below!)

Personalized Astrological Forecast (1 Year)

Do you have important goals or projects coming up this year? Are you looking for guidance on timing for specific life events such as buying or selling a home, opening your own business or even a wedding? In this session, Aleks will address your goals for the upcoming year and give you deeper information on the astrological influences that will be affecting you on a personal level. All sessions come with a detailed report outlining the dates and nature of your personal astrological influences and are recorded for you to have for future review.

Here's what you can look forward to in your Personalized Astrological Forecast:

• A schedule of all upcoming major astrological events affecting your life and their significance
• A deep understanding of the processes at work in your life and how to grow with them
• A written report detailing the mental and emotional themes that you’ll want to stay ahead of
• A recording of the session so that you can revisit and refresh yourself on major concepts
• Receive tips on how to take advantage of incoming influences to further your goals in love, career, health, etc

Length: 90 minutes

Availability: in-person or online

Contact Aleksandra for pricing details

For the best possible reading, please provide Aleksandra with your:

- date of birth

- birth time

- birth location

(please note: it is possible to do this session without a birth time if it is unknown, however complete birth information is preferred!)

Hermetic Astrology Reading

Coming exclusively from the teachings of the Modern Mystery School’s branch of Hermetic Astrology, this reading is similar to a channeling and works with the energy of Kronos, the Lord of Time and Space. By delving into the nature of your soul, and your relationship with the seven Hermetic principles,  you'll gain valuable insight into mastering the creation of your reality.

  • Discover the sign of your soul and its true nature

  • Learn what star guides your life and purpose

  • Receive Kronos' insight into your gifts and strengths

  • Gain a solid grasp on your ability to receive reality and how to improve it

The Hermetic Astrology Reading is based upon the workings of Cosmic energy and events. To book your reading, please provide Aleksandra with your:

- date of birth

(Please note that this reading is based on the date of conception, Aleksandra will have follow up questions prior to the session in order to work backwards and determine the date of conception.)

Availability: in-person only

Contact Aleksandra for pricing details

Astrology Chart Rectification

This service brings clarity to those who don't know their birth time or are unsure of the accuracy of what they have. This technique works with major life events to work backwards to determine sensitive points in the birth chart that are related to the time of birth.

This technique requires the submission of 10-15 major life events, what they are and the exact date that they happened. Major life events can include weddings, birth of children, graduations, purchase of homes, court cases, accidents, surgeries and any other events that have had a significant impact on your life.

Using the information provided, Aleksandra will determine or correct the time of birth for you to use for any charting purposes.

Availability: in-person or online

Please provide Aleksandra with the following information:

- date of birth

- birth location

- 10 to 15 major life events, what they are, the exact date of each event

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