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3 Fatal Flaws: Pride, Selfishness and Inauthenticity – Solar Eclipse in Leo, August 11th, 2018

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

The Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo happens this Satuday August 11th!

And here we are with the last of the 3 Eclipses this season! The Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo happening on August 11th, 2018! Are you tired of eclipses yet?

For those of you hoping to catch a glimpse of this eclipse, I have some bad news…it’s only viewable at extreme northern latitudes but if you catch a plane to Iceland, Siberia or Labrador, you can partake of the phenomena. For those of us in Toronto, the eclipse starts at 4:02am and finishes at 7:30am. The maximum phase of the eclipse happens well before the sun even rises!

But as I mentioned in my post on the Solar Eclipse in Cancer, solar eclipses are experienced externally. They serve to reflect our internal functions through external circumstances and events. When things go “wrong”, eclipses remind us to look at how we have contributed to or generated this event. As this Solar Eclipse in Leo is a partial eclipse, it will be more subtle in its effects but as always, I would like to outline some of the possibilities for you.

As a reminder, the effects of this Solar Eclipse in Leo while subtle, will last until the beginning of January next near when the next Solar Eclipse comes around.

In particular, there are 3 areas that the Solar Eclipse in Leo is highlighting this time around: the masks of the personality, leadership abilities and the discovery or knowledge of what makes you shine. You may experience one or all of these themes over the rest of the year. Certainly these themes will show up more potently in the beginning and phase out through the rest of the year.

Solar Eclipse in Leo: What Masks are you wearing?

In the Lineage teachings of King Salomon, the personality is not who we are. It is nothing more than a mask and as Shakespeare said “All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players.” While the ultimate meaning of Shakespeare was not hinting at this aspect of the personality, the idea itself is very fitting to how we continually adorn ourselves in masks to adapt to circumstances and roles.

Leo is the sign of creativity, the arts and…you guessed it – actors! Through the ruler-ship of the Sun, Leo governs over the development of our personality (metaphysically) but is also linked to who we truly are (spirit). This may seem rather esoteric and a bit foreign to you, especially if you equate your personality with your identity but I am telling you that they are not one and the same! If you’re curious about this, there is an amazing set of teachings about this particular topic in the Empower Thyself Class.

So back to your life and how this is relevant to you – I have a few questions to ask you:

- Are there roles or personas that you unconsciously adopt?

- Are others pointing out certain behaviours or masks you adopt?

- How are these sub-personalities/masks affecting your ability to relate to others?

We live in a world where the actor plays many roles. With so many roles or masks to juggle, it is so easy to mix things up. When we take who we are at work into our personal relationships or vice versa, that can create issues for us. We are at heart multidimensional beings but if we behave the same way we would in a romantic situation as we would at work, it becomes a mask – fake and inauthentic.

To give you another example, if you are a mother – is it appropriate to consistently mother your co-workers? Definitely not! Your co-workers are not your children (unless it’s a family business) and that is not the kind of relationship that either of you want in that situation.

These masks can get in the way of our ability to relate to others and can affect our relationships through inauthenticity.

How do I remove the masks of the personality?

I have a few suggestions on how to get started but I do have to admit that in and of itself, this is a huge part of all spiritual work. This Solar Eclipse in Leo is just a reminder for us to look at the masks that we adopt so that we can remember this piece of our growth and healing.

So with this long-term goal in mind, I do have a few suggestions as to how you can begin a process of removing masks that are ready to be peeled away. The very first suggestion is to become aware of when you are wearing them! We all have moments when we notice that we are not “being ourselves” in a situation. There may be a trigger or perhaps we’re just generally off and another sub-personality decides to show up and while you may or may not be in “control” of it, you do have awareness of it happening. Start to pay attention and see which of your roles is showing up to the stage. Identify it and begin to ask yourself why it’s showing up. What is the trigger for its presence? And since Leo is all about the self (personality-wise but also metaphysically), remember to keep the trigger focussed on you and don’t blame others.

The other suggestion I have involves healing! Whether through spiritual healing (there are many I could recommend) or there are a few wonderful healing journeys in the Journeys of the Spirit class that I recommend. If you find that you’re having difficulty with shedding some of these sub-personalities, please contact me and let’s get this figured out together! If you’re not in Toronto, I do have many colleagues around the world that I can refer you to happily!

Solar Eclipse in Leo: Do you lead with your heart?

The second theme of this eclipse has to do with genuine (heartfelt) leadership. As the Lion, Leo can symbolize royalty and leadership. Leo is a very loving sign but it can also be very self-involved leading us to the archetype of the sinister or selfish king or queen. However at its most loving and caring, that archetype becomes the king or queen who cares for self and the people.

Could you imagine yourself being that king or queen who has the heart and capacity to lead and care for others?

For some of us, we may have to overcome the “cowardly lion” syndrome and find the courage to lead. You may find yourself thrust into leadership circumstances if this is the case and you will have to find courage. Interestingly, the root of the word courage comes from the word ‘coeur’ – the French word for heart. Leo governs over the heart and can help you to find courage to lead at this time. If you find yourself in leadership circumstances that you are resistant to – go with it! You are ready for that kind of growth!

Conversely for those of us who like to lead, we have to remember to be genuine about it.

Many years ago, I had a Muay Thai coach who would say to me “do as I say, not as I do”. He was joking about it but that phrase really sums up the authenticity necessary to being a leader. When we are genuine and heartfelt in our leadership (and this includes self-leadership) then we only ask others to do what we are willing to undergo (or have undergone) ourselves. If you are not being authentic or heartfelt in your leadership, you may notice others rebelling against you at this time. Any selfishness or signs of being inconsiderate will not be tolerated by others at this time. While the Sun is in Leo, remember that the Earth is transiting through Aquarius – and Aquarius demands nothing less than authenticity, humanity and compassion and has no problem rebelling if those qualities are not present!

How do I embrace heartfelt leadership?

Leadership is based on the presumption of teams and communities. Leaders must care for the team or community and act in their best interest. Share the vision of that best interest and start taking action together towards that outcome. Of course there are many other skills that are necessary towards effective leadership but right now what is being called forward is vision, humanity and authenticity. Set forth a vision, be a good example and work together compassionately.

If you would really like to embody some of these qualities or need some of that inspiration, then I suggest working with the King of Wands in the tarot deck. He symbolizes all of those qualities in their highest aspect. You can do a meditation with the King of Wands to help awaken some of those qualities within yourself.

Look at the image below for 5 minutes with your eyes open. Allow your eyes to take in all of the details in the picture (they all have meaning). After 5 minutes, close your eyes and continue to try to hold this image in your mind’s eye for another 5 minutes. Allow the energy of this card, the archetype and all of the symbols and imagery to penetrate and contribute to that humane leader within you.

The King of Wands is the Visionary Leader who is connected to the powers of Leo governing over the first 20 degrees of the sign.

Solar Eclipse in Leo: How are your shadows affecting your relationship?

As I mentioned in the title above, there are 3 shadows that come from the zodiac sign Leo: pride, selfishness and inauthenticity. As this eclipse stirs up what is waiting to be released, you may notice issues of these natures coming up. These three shadows get in the way of our relationships and prompt conflict or separation.

Pride, selfishness and inauthenticity all serve to alienate the people that we love and care for and if these are present to any degree, you may feel contention with others during these next few months. Whether you are being accused of these behaviours or experiencing it with another person, the three shadows of Leo will come up in some way or another. Not wanting to show vulnerability, vanity, being fake or “fake people” are all ways in which this energy may show up.

With this Solar Eclipse in Leo, you are being asked to restore the authenticity and care for others in your relationships. It’s not just about what you want anymore. This eclipse is reminding you that those shadows and lower desires can leave you feeling empty.

How to overcome Pride, Selfishness and Inauthenticity:

As Leo is the sign of the Self, it is important that we look to its opposite Aquarius for inspiration on how to restore balance to this aspect. Aquarius is the sign of service and friendship. It all starts with beginning to step outside of our own desires and begin considering the needs and desires of others as well. But even further than that, it all starts with one thing – authenticity.

When we are authentic in our relationships (i.e. we go in with no agendas), we tend to naturally be more compassionate, caring and considerate. When we are authentic there is genuine care which mitigates selfishness and helps us lower the guard of pride. So the best advice that I can give you is to start being more authentic.

Be vocal about who you are, what you want and who you care for and you will find that mirrored back. Leo can be a very loyal sign and while these shadows may appear, through these challenges they may lead to a strengthening of your relationships that can bring a lot of joy. If you’re going to have conflict in your relationships, make it worth it! Allow that conflict lead both of you to a greater place of understanding and from there cement the bond even deeper.

Final Words about the Solar Eclipse in Leo:

No matter what you deal with, remember that the energy of this eclipse is subtle! This can be a time of cleansing and a reminder to keep going with the great work – that restoration of the genuine self! Fire the actors and their masks that lurk within! Don’t forget that you’re the director anyways! You have the vision of life and you know how to create the authenticity, creativity and behaviour necessary to create it!

I hope as always that this post serves you and that this eclipse helps you to bring out the best in you and your life!

About the Author: Aleksandra Ceho

Aleksandra began her studies with the Modern Mystery School in 2005 and is now an Initiated Teacher and Guide. Upon her path, she has also been blessed with the honor of being a Wiccan High Priestess and Apprentice Teacher for the Warriors of Light program. Her love for astrology, esoteric arts, healing and teaching has fueled her upon her path and inspired her studies. It is her extreme honor to assist others in remembering who they are and the gifts that they bring to this planet. It is her sincere hope that those she touches move on to touch and empower others as well.



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