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Everything you need for success is found in your Astrology Chart!

We're here to help you read the map!

If we strive to strengthen our body now;
to overcome our faults; to cultivate new virtues;
thus we may truly rule our stars and master our fate.

Aleksandra Ceho, Astrology, Port Credit, Toronto

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Master the


Do you know what gifts you brought into this life?

Do you know what fortune is possible for you?

Don't you wish you finally knew the purpose behind your life and all your experiences?

Spiritual teachings like Astrology can take us deeper but you don't have to be a hermit living in a cave to live a stress-free life! In fact, if you want to reduce your stress and find true success and victory, there is no better tool to consult than the ancient wisdom of Astrology!

So, let's focus on making your life successful in all areas with the right tools, teachings and readings - together, we can put the perfect plan into action to accelerate your success and live with purpose!

If you want a successful life, you need to "Master your Stars"!

Meet the Heart and Voice behind Master the stars - Aleksandra Ceho

Astrology is Aleksandra's first love in life and since childhood, it has been her first and primary passion! From early childhood, Aleksandra read, studied and learned the sacred art of the sages. Studying the archetypes of Greek Mythology, the process of charting and forecasting and the Esoteric theories behind this ancient spiritual science have given Aleksandra hours upon hours of pure love and joy!


Not only is Aleksandra an Astrologer, she has also devoted herself to the study of ancient Hermetic principles that allow her to assist in the process of spiritual development. As a student of the Modern Mystery School, Aleksandra discovered the very teachings that led her on a process of self-mastery. The empowerment and wisdom she received inspired her to many successes in her life moving forward and it is her honour to share the very same tools and teachings that have helped her so. 

Aleksandra wears many hats and among her skill set, some of the roles she serves in are:

  • Certified Teacher, Healer and Guide with the Modern Mystery School

  • Specialty Instructor (Astrology) with the Modern Mystery School

  • Specialty Instructor (Warriors of Light Program)

  • Initiated Wiccan High Priestess

  • Martial Arts Instructor

  • Kinesiologist

Based out of Toronto, Canada - Aleksandra practices throughout the Greater Toronto Area sharing the power of these powerful teachings, healings and readings. She has had the privilege of traveling around the world teaching Astrology in the Mystery School Lineage. These teachings have brought her to the United States, Ireland, Japan, Brazil, South Africa and her home Toronto, Canada.

About the Modern Mystery School:

The Modern Mystery School is a school of ancient teachings with a lineage that can be traced back to King Salomon.  The school has much to offer in the way of studying the esoteric arts: Alchemy, Astrology, Tarot, Kabbalah and the Hermetic sciences are just a sample of the teachings offered through the school.  The healing services and classes Aleksandra teaches are all of the lineage of the Modern Mystery School.  For more information on the Modern Mystery School and its teachings, please visit the website:


Here's what Aleksandra's clients have to say:

There exists an infinite world of knowledge and wisdom within the study of esoteric astrology; so endless that one could spend their whole life searching for a clear understanding of the stars and planets and their corresponding energies. Aleksandra`s classes bring these teachings to life in a way that awakens the astrologer in all of us. Through her classes, one learns that through higher understanding, we are able to work with the astrological energies in our lives so that we are empowered in our progression, not vulnerable. I can say with complete confidence that on my journey to mastering myself, Aleksandra`s guidance and education has played an integral component. 


Toronto, Canada

Testimonial for Astrology and the 9 Trials of the Ego I loved this class! It brought increased awareness to my negative ego and gave me tools to work with what I personally need to work on and how to do this. So invaluable in creating a life true to purpose and with JOY! Thank you!


London, United Kingdom

Aleksandra is extremely knowledgeable and absolutely willing to take the time to speak or teach on the subject. She has also done an Astrology Report for me by accessing my date and time of birth and birthplace she was able to hand me a report of how the stars, planets, my Astrological sign and energies that surround our system have an affect on me personally. When I started to read I was immediately pulled in by the accuracy and familiarity of the information presented. I watch Aleksandra shine when she speaks about the Astrology and the energies surrounding Esbats and Sabbats and Solstices within our Wiccan Coven in the Modern Mystery School. There is so much more going on around us, something bigger and she can help us to understand how these extremely important energies can create, destroy and rebuild within and each of our lives - we just need to be more knowledgeable and aware of the influences and Aleksandra is definitely the one to help.


Cambridge, Canada

Of all the Astrology resources out there, I trust Aleks above all others. You can really feel her passion and all of her readings are truly meant to empower her clients!!


Boston, USA

master the stars

Port Credit - Mississauga, ON, Canada

Tel: 416-992-3451

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