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Heal Your Wounded Heart Chakra

Hi everyone!

I recently wrote a guest article on the Modern Mystery School website about healing the heart chakra. It's a pretty thorough and in-depth look at everything you need and want to know about the heart chakra including:

· What is your heart chakra

· Functions of the heart chakra in your life

· How can it be damaged and what are the symptoms

· How to tell if it needs healing

· How to heal the heart chakra

Since Venus is retrograde in Gemini, this also makes it a great time to heal some of those old wounds and if you've got the free time, this is an aspect of self-improvement that is very worthy of your attention!

You can read the article here, and if you find it useful, please share so that others can embark upon their own journey of self-healing too! None of us emerges from life without wounds to heart, but the blessing is that we can always go and heal from the damage that has been done!

Happy healing and happy hearts to you all!




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