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Where did your sense of fun go?!?! Venus Retrograde in Gemini – May/June 2020

Hi everyone!

I hope that you are all faring incredibly well! The spring has arrived! It’s beautiful outside, the light is abundant and with all the beautiful trees blooming with cherry blossoms and magnolias, quarantine suddenly doesn’t seem so bad does it?

I know you’re just itching to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature in full bloom! And I can’t blame you one bit! Not only is the beauty of Mother Earth so obvious right now, but Venus is also going to be retrograde in Gemini on May 13th and that light-hearted desire to wander and explore and have joy is bursting through the seams of your heart!

We’ve been through so much seriousness and worry lately and for those of you who worry about retrograde periods, let me make one thing clear: Venus Retrograde in Gemini is about having light-hearted fun, not about breaking off relationships! Gemini is a sign of relation and when Venus is retrograde in this sign, she gets tired of the dreary, the boring and the far too serious and since that’s what life has been like for many, I embrace this time as a chance to wake up your heart and wake up your sense of fun!!!

Could you do with 6 weeks of fun? I know I could! Venus will be retrograde until June 25th, so we may as well let that Gemini-like mischievous sense of fun and joy spice up our lives for a while!

In this retrograde period, Venus has some light lessons for us. I say lessons, but perhaps discovery would be a better word here. Never before has Venus moved into retrograde motion at a time when relationships have been put on such a premium!

So, what do we have to look forward to until June 25th?

1) Rediscovering fun and enjoyment in your life

2) Breathing fresh air into your stuffy, stagnant relationships

3) Finding new ways to relate and interests that spice up your relationships

Look at this list! Don’t you want fun again? Don’t you want to resuscitate boring relationships? Don’t you want to continue growing, relating, and exploring in your relationships? The good news is that we’re all signed up for this ride and it’s going to be a great one on a personal level!

Venus Retrograde in Gemini – Tip #1: Discover what puts a smile on your face again!

Like I wrote above, things have been SO SERIOUS lately! But I mean, let’s be honest…death is a serious thing isn’t it? Death, restrictions, changing up on daily routines and ways of living. It takes a lot of energy to manage all that and unfortunately it has affected the mental health of many people. In Canada, a recent survey found that 50% of Canadians were suffering from worsening mental health due to COVID-19. And who can blame them, with daily reports of death and illness, the seriousness of lifestyle changes and great uncertainty as to when normal life will resume, it’s normal to succumb to that kind of pressure.

But dear Venus is stepping in to change the vibe and help us shift out of the seriousness of recent months!!!

Of course, the beauty of spring has something to do with it, but even in retrograde motion, Venus in Gemini helps awaken the youthful, joyful aspects of our heart and psyche. The adaptable, hopeful nature of Gemini is always up for adventures, challenges, and a touch of mischief! You may feel a child-like aspect of yourself awakening right now and if you do, indulge it! (Responsibly, of course!)

If you’ve been stuck in a rut of seriousness, you may feel a bit awkward and unsure of how to indulge that sense of fun wanting to come out. In that case, put yourself in discovery mode and don’t be afraid to try new things! When Venus is in Gemini, your heart seeks growth through new experiences and delights in new ways of amusing yourself. Try learning a skill you’ve never considered before! Read stories that would have slid under your radar! And if you’re unsure of what to do, hang out with a child in your life – they’re the masters of fun!

Being a multi-faceted sign, Gemini is encouraging you to awaken new aspects of yourself through fun! And really, what better way is there to meet those aspects of yourself? Maybe there’s an artist inside? Or a fitness enthusiast? Perhaps, there’s a great intellectual who’s passionate about a subject you’ve never looked at once in your life?

Whatever you do, no judgment here! Unless you sit in the dark, frowning and grumbling the whole time…6 weeks is a long time to be miserable! I say no judgment though because fun is relative to all of us. And when Venus is in Gemini, what would normally seem ridiculous and “below us”, could suddenly become very appealing, and that’s great!

Venus is reminding us to shake off the heaviness with smiles and laughter!

Venus Retrograde in Gemini – Tip #2: Shake up stagnant relationships!

Have you got any relationships where you avoid others? Or listen with half an ear? Or mentally tune-out because they’ve moved into such a boring or serious place that there’s no room for joy?

This Venus retrograde is trying to help you balance the purpose of a relationship (which may be a serious thing) with freedom of expression. Gemini-Venus is reminding you that relationships that are all-serious all the time tend to fail in the long run. They become boring and draining and often people involve themselves in these types of relationships simply because they must.

So, what does Gemini-Venus have to say about this?

Breathe new life into these relationships and focus on ‘relating’!

Usually relationships with a serious purpose become dry and boring because too much effort is put into the purpose itself – an admirable approach, but one that misses a key consideration. Whatever that relationship is looking to manifest, it is dependent on the quality of the relationship itself to manifest the results. If the purpose is still relevant or needed, focus on the quality of the relationship! Here’s a few things you can do:

· Talk about things other than the purpose of the relationship! (Seriously, ANYTHING but that!)

· Journey deeper into how that person is doing in their life

· Ask questions and try to find out new things about them

· Explore new concepts and ideas together – the more out of the ordinary, the better!

If you come across a relationship that is just way too resistant to any of these techniques, then Gemini-Venus will help you to lightheartedly evaluate whether the purpose of the relationship is worth its weight in seriousness or if the purpose is even relevant anymore at all. And since Gemini-Venus is the queen of gentle but decisive detachment, she’ll also help you to dissolve these kinds of relationships without much drama, suffering or pain.

So, resuscitate boring relationships with new ways of relating and hand the most resistant ones a DNR (do not resuscitate) notice!

Venus Retrograde in Gemini – Tip #3: Stimulate relationship growth with new interests!

This tip is for the most personal relationships in your life. Gemini-Venus can spice up affection and for those of you in romantic partnerships, this can be a time of great affection! Don’t be surprised if you’re feeling flirtier than normal! Gemini is a sign that likes to interact with jokes and flirtation and what a great way to bring yourself and those you love back to life!

Gemini-Venus likes to break moulds in relationships to revitalize bonds. Here’s a little secret for you – most people know Gemini as the sign of the twins, but Gemini is also the Lovers! The Tarot card assigned to Gemini is indeed the Lovers card, but Gemini governs over famous lovers as well – Adam and Eve, Isis and Osiris, Romeo and Juliet! These famous sets of lovers are all powerful archetypes connected to the sign Gemini, so never doubt Gemini’s ability to facilitate romance!

And here are a few ways Gemini-Venus can help you increase affection and romance:

· Try things you’ve never done together before – that could be foods, places to explore or activities that are brand new to both of you

· Discover more about topics you’ve never explored together, see what both of you take away and explore those philosophies or concepts together. You can even do some light debate!

· Flirt and play! It might be a bit childish, but stick out your tongue, tickle them, tease them with double entendres and innuendos!

And if this results in a better sex life, you can thank Gemini-Venus (and me) later! (Just leave out the details you know…TMI)

These are all methods that you can use to stimulate affection, care, fun and love in your partnership! That feeling of love flowing between you and your partner is sacred, and although Venus may be in retrograde motion, she’s reminding you that falling in love with someone all over again is entirely possible and perhaps just as enjoyable as the first time!

Venus Retrograde in Gemini – Closing Thoughts:

COVID-19 and the quarantine restrictions we’ve experienced are still here and will remain for an undetermined amount of time depending on where you are in the world. But that doesn’t mean that misery must rule your life!

No matter the external circumstances, Gemini-Venus although retrograde is reminding you to wake up and smells the roses! Believe that life is beautiful and to enjoy all the goodness that comes from your relationships!

So, from May 13th until June 25th, discover fun for yourself, explore new things with others and bring that energy of fun enjoyment and relating back to your relationships! Remember, the root of relationships is relating (not drudgery)! Embrace that youthful lover of life inside of you and share the adventure and hope with all those you love!

May you all live with a smile on your lips, a twinkle in your eyes and joy in your heart!




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