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Are your instincts messing up your life: Solar Eclipse in Cancer – July 13th, 2018

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

The Solar Eclipse in Cancer occurs on overnight Friday, July 13th 2018! This eclipse unfortunately will not be visible in the skies in North America!

It’s eclipse season!!! Duck and run for cover….

Just kidding! Eclipses are not the doom and gloom that some people make them out to be. Like all things in the sky, even eclipses have their own periodic cycles and as we honour those cycles, we can find peace, transformation, abundance and many more wonderful things.

But let’s get back to these eclipses! Over the next month or so, we have 3 eclipses happening; 2 partial solar eclipses and 1 total lunar eclipse.

So on July 13th, we start with a partial solar eclipse in Cancer. For those of us in North America, this one will be not be visible!

2 weeks later on July 27th, the total lunar eclipse occurs in the sign of Aquarius.

And finally, on August 11th, we have another partial solar eclipse in the sign of Leo. More details will come out for the next two eclipses at a later time!

So back to our solar eclipse in Cancer happening this Friday (and yes, coincidentally it is happening on Friday the 13th….)

Solar eclipses are events that allow for the externalization of our inner reality. What is happening on the inside (mentally, emotionally, spiritually) tends to have a more direct impact in our physical lives so that we can begin to see the effects of our inner world and what they lead us to. So we get to see or experience a direct relation between our thoughts, emotions and what they create in our lives.

This post is about the first solar eclipse happening in the sign of Cancer on July 13th, 2018. It will be the first of a 3 part series outlining the energies at work while the 3 eclipses are happening over the course of the next month.

Cancer - the Hermit Crab: this being carries its home on its back symbolizing the need for safety. The hard outer shell and soft flesh also remind us of our tender natures!

Solar Eclipse in Cancer – July 13th, 2018

This particular solar eclipse has the theme of instincts and brings up questions about our instinctual nature and the impact it has on our lives. Cancer is the sign of the instinctual nature before personality or higher intelligence temper the human and with the solar eclipse occurring in this sign on Friday, it opens the doors to the instinctual world so that we can see its effects for once. The very trouble with our instincts is that they operate on a level below consciousness. They are innate and have served us to survive in this world for thousands of years. Programmed into our DNA, these instincts have enabled us to survive danger and have encouraged behaviours aimed at protecting and propagating the self.

But the world we now live in is very different from the world which developed the need for those instincts and behaviours that once caused humanity (on whole) to flourish now get in the way of our joy and can prevent us from living good lives. Not sure what kind of instinctual behaviours I’m talking about? Here are a few examples:

- Retreating or hiding when wounded

- Territorial attitudes

- Eating for comfort

- Clinging to people or objects for safety

There are many more examples of instinctual behaviours in humans however these are the ones I would like to address with this solar eclipse in Cancer. This eclipse also has 2 other themes: clinginess in relationships as well as the inner child and its needs. So let’s take a look at these themes of instincts, clinginess and the inner child. You may experience some or all of these as the solar eclipse happens on July 13th.

Instinctual Behaviours in Modern Life: Productive or not?

So as I discussed above, this solar eclipse in Cancer on July 13th is helping to show us what kind of impact our instinctual behaviours have on our lives. Now, I want to say that not all instincts are bad. When we instinctually move out of the way of danger, this is a very good thing and we need those instincts! That being said, there are instincts that no longer serve us in our modern times and this solar eclipse in the sign of Cancer will open the door to live without the detrimental impact of these instincts that are no longer valid in the world that we live in. This solar eclipse in Cancer is reminded us that we cannot live in an evolved world without evolving the behaviours by which we govern our lives!

So it’s time to ask yourself a few questions! Do you:

- Retreat and hide when wounded (physically or emotionally)?

- Experience jealousy, hatred or resentment of others who tread in “your territory” (professionally, relationship-wise)?

- Resort to food (or other fulfilment of the senses) to comfort or mask pain and emotions?

- Fill spaces with “useful” objects or people to create a sense of safety?

It’s time to look at what these behaviours do to your life from the long-term perspective. The first two behaviours ruin relationships and the last can certainly contribute to conflict and failed relationships as well. The third can lead to addiction, weight gain and other poor health outcomes. The last can create hoarding tendencies!

How to Overcome Instinctual Behaviours:

The trigger for all of these instinctual behaviours that I have listed above is safety. Remember that this solar eclipse is in the sign of Cancer – the crab actually carries its home and safety on its back! While we cannot actually carry our own homes and safety around physically, we do carry around autonomic responses that deprive us from the choice of acting differently when confronted with anything that challenges our sense of safety.

To the instinctual nature, pain means that you are not safe and that may or may not be the case in reality. To begin overcoming these counterproductive behaviours, you have to begin questioning whether or not the trigger means that you are truly “unsafe” or “hurt”. Cancer – the crab; has a hard shell but its flesh is soft referring to our own sensitivities and soft spots. When those soft spots are pressed, they hurt a lot more compared to the same pressure on a hard shell. The funny thing is that when you actually begin to challenge this sense of being unsafe or hurt, you will probably find that the only thing that is truly threatened is the negative ego – that dark side of the personality.

When you realize what exactly is being threatened, you can then begin to deal with the situation differently and choose peace, cooperation, believing in your strength and capabilities, etc. Bring light (awareness) to that which has up until this point been pre-determined for you and make the choices that serve you best.

Clingy much? Clinginess and Relationships:

So this eclipse on July 13th also can bring up clinginess. Now this clinginess may be on your part or you may experience it from others instead. Cancer is governed over by the moon – the mother of the planets. The extreme application of lunar energy is clinginess and attachment and no matter which end of this kind of relationship you’re on, it’s not pleasant.

If you’re too attached and clingy, this solar eclipse may bring up instances of rejection as you press your feelings and emotions onto others. Conversely, you may experience others clinging and attached to you and feel the frustration of a lack freedom which can lead to you rejecting those who do cling to you.

Neither of these instances is a healthy pattern for a relationship and indicates that healthy boundaries and respect are very much needed to restore balance and affection.

How to detach from a clingy relationship:

Again, as I pointed out above the clinginess operates from a place of a perceived lack of safety in the relationship. Clinginess and its companions (fear and insecurity) undermine the bond of a relationship and cause overcompensation of affection (on one person’s part) to try and cement that bond. Where clinginess is present, the bond requires reassurance. Mind you, one reassurance should be enough…after that, you or the other person are dealing with a deeper issue that requires healing work.

If you are the clingy party: begin valuing your own company and efforts for yourself. What are the good things and qualities that you bring to a relationship? Trust in yourself, your discernment (would you really have relationships with people you don’t trust), and trust in the affection of the people who have chosen to stay in your life! This is your door to freedom from clinginess, fear and insecurity!

If you are being clung to: give reassurance about your affection and bond to the other person(s) and then gently but decisively give feedback about the clingy behaviour and how it affects you and the relationship. Reach an agreement with the other party(s) about what a balanced relationship would look like and put it into action immediately.

What is your inner child asking you for? Is your inner child acting out because its needs aren't being met?

The Inner Child and its Needs:

Lastly, the Cancer solar eclipse (via its relationship to the Moon) also has the potential to reveal the needs of the Inner Child and whether those needs are being met or not and what kind of influence the fulfillment of those needs is having in your life.

So here comes the most important question – what is your inner child asking for?

What are those needs? Over the course of the next month, it would be a good idea to tune in and get clear on what your inner child is asking for. Is it safety, fun, play, friends, love or affection? Don’t judge what’s being asked for – either provide it or help that inner child see that it is already there. Also, take a look at what the presence (or lack of) these things do in your life. Is the lack of fun making you grumpy? Is the lack of (self) authority making you act out or behave unruly? Is the fulfillment of fun overtaking necessary responsibilities or actions?

As you have that conversation or interaction with your inner child and take the time to reflect, you will understand exactly how to meet its needs in a balanced way so that you can have joy, growth, wonder, fun and so many other amazing things without compromising on the responsibilities that you need to fulfill for yourself and those you love.

How long will the effects of the Cancer solar eclipse last?

The effects of the Cancer solar eclipse will be strongest on the day of (July 13th) and from there will fizzle out over the course of the next month until we have our next solar eclipse in the sign of Leo on August 11th. For those of you who may resonate with the effects of this particular eclipse that is good news I’m sure!

Just remember, that the best attitude to have here is to be proactive and work with the energy or force of this Cancer solar eclipse. Where in your life can you change the negative effect of instincts, clinginess and needs of the inner child? You may experience a need for healing in any or all of these areas. Be observant, decisive and make the required changes. If you’re coming up against deeper issues, contact me and let’s put together a plan for healing so that you can reach a better state!

All in all, this solar eclipse in Cancer is multifaceted but if you nurture yourself and provide for your own needs (behaviours that Cancer encourages), then you’ll find that this solar eclipse can give you some much needed direction and drive necessary to make change.

About the Author: Aleksandra Ceho

Aleksandra began her studies with the Modern Mystery School in 2005 and is now an Initiated Teacher and Guide. Upon her path, she has also been blessed with the honor of being a Wiccan High Priestess and Apprentice Teacher for the Warriors of Light program. Her love for astrology, esoteric arts, healing and teaching has fueled her upon her path and inspired her studies. It is her extreme honor to assist others in remembering who they are and the gifts that they bring to this planet. It is her sincere hope that those she touches move on to touch and empower others as well.



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