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The Beauty of Magick and the Wiccan Tradition!

Many, many moons ago I was blessed to complete my “year and a day” and step full-fledged into my Wiccan High Priestess Initiation. In fact, later on this year will mark 10 years for me…a fact that I am honoured to celebrate!

As an astrologer, people often ask me how to work with the different energies that the planets and signs bestow upon them and one of the most potent ways we have to build that connection and utilize it in the most positive of ways is through magick! There are many different traditions out there and having my own training in the King Salomon Lineage through the Modern Mystery School, I have studied different forms of magick. In my own growth and evolution, I must say that the power of Wicca has served me from day 1!

Astrology deals with these heavenly forces and via the elements, those forces manifest on an earthly plane. When we are disconnected from our elemental nature (as so many of us are living our sheltered, indoor lives), we tend to end up stuck in the mental and emotional realms and become dissociated from the elemental forces that create, nourish and bring renewal to us.

In Astrology, we work with the energy of the elements (earth, water, air and fire), the male and female energies and cycles (also known as the qualities – cardinal, fixed and mutable). Wicca is one of the most beautiful ways to connect to these energies and use them for creation! In Wicca, we work with the powers of the Watchtowers and the elements with herbs, oils, candles and crystals, honouring and acknowledging their distinct powers and qualities. We honour both the male and female forces of creation through ritual – the God and the Goddess and their ability to manifest in unity. In all the work we do, we also work with the understanding of cycles – all things come to be, exist and come to a close. At any given point in time, we are at one of these points in a cycle and when we work with the specific energy of that stage in the cycle, life becomes far easier!

Every one of us has our own unique chart, and there are times where what we want is not the most readily available to us given our distinct qualities and this is the beauty of magick! We can connect to those forces and in unison create the opportunity for things like love, abundance, peace, health and all the other beautiful things we want to enjoy in this life.

10 years ago, Wicca and its magick offered me access to energies and the chance to manifest the good things I wanted for myself and I fell in love with this beautiful tradition. Today, my love for the Wiccan Way has only grown as I have been blessed several times over to facilitate magick for myself and for others! To have hosted ceremonies for the Sabbats and Esbats on the Wheel of the Year, I am most thankful as it has helped me to align myself with both the powers of Heaven and Earth and serve myself and others in doing so.

For those of you who are curious, I would very much love to encourage you to join me on February 11th for a special Love Spell that is being done in the Wiccan Way. Please find the details below!

May Magick and all the powers that be find their way into your heart and your life!

Sunday, February 11th @2:00pm

Modern Mystery School Canada

41 International Blvd, Etobicoke, ON

Investment: $25 with advanced registration/$35 at the door

To register, please send an email to:



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