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Returning to Inner Harmony and Balance - Libra Full Moon: March 20th, 2019

The Libra Full Moon reaches her fullness tomorrow – Wednesday March 20th, 2019 at 9:43pm EST.


Did you think it was a Virgo Full Moon? It certainly has the vibe of one…the build up to this Full Moon has been distinctly Virgo in its feel however I can see that transition into Libra in effect too!

I know it has that vibe but the truth is that the Moon will be full at 0°09” in Libra when the Sun has transitioned over to 0°09” Aries.

It’s interesting because I hadn’t been planning on writing about it…I wanted to let this one pass. But the number of people who have reached out to me feeling agitated by the energy of this Libra Full Moon has me firm in my decision to at least relay a little bit of wisdom and insight to you in the hopes that this energy shall pass leaving you in a better position than when it came!

The two keys I have witnessed at play are neuroticism and resentment. Have you been feeling either of these at play? It’s ok…we all have our moments, the Full Moon always helps to illuminate what has been hiding in the dark corners of the subconscious and this is a chance to rectify the internal and external circumstances that cause us to suffer.

This Virgo/Libra Full Moon has brought our sensitivities to the surface. Virgo has an indirect relationship to the nervous system via Mercury, her planetary ruler. The nervous system is the sensitive aspect of us that allows us to interact with the environment and everyone in it. When we are labouring under the energy of a full moon in Virgo, the nervous system can become hyper active, causing us to feel extra sensitive at times and may even lead us to hyper reactions with the extra burst of energy a full moon provides.

Furthermore, Virgo is the planet of discernment and when taken overboard (as Full Moons do exaggerate and blow things up), that discernment becomes pickiness and criticality! If you’re feeling uncommonly negative, speaking or thinking negative things about yourself or being more pessimistic than normal, you may want to take a look at that part of yourself that thinks it’s ok to talk to yourself this way. What part of yourself said that it’s ok to say or think false things that hurt you?

In esoteric astrology, Virgo epitomizes the energy of the Mother (she is Isis, Eve and Mother Mary). Would a mother (in her truest essence) ever speak to her child so critically with the intention to hurt or harm? One of the keys to this Full Moon is we have to become more responsible for the way in which we conduct our inner conversations. For those of you who are parents (especially with young children) this may be an easier task, but talk to yourself the way you would to a 5 year old. Of course be honest and don’t lie, but think of how you would tell the truth to a child. Would you be critical? Would you be hurtful? Would you continue to press forward with statements that are obviously detrimental to their mental and emotional state?

The answer is most obviously no! No parent (unless severely afflicted themselves in some way) talks to their little children like that. And if it’s not ok to talk to children like that, then it most certainly isn’t ok to talk to yourself like that either!

What to do about it if you’re feeling the neuroticism of the Virgo Full Moon:

· Talk to yourself the same way you would a 5 year old – gently but truthfully

· Stop repeating statements (out loud or in your mind) that cause you hurt

· Instead of emphasizing the negative, talk about what you have working in your favour and what’s good (about you, a person or situation)

· Be discerning! Instead of allowing sensitivity to blow things out of proportion, be objective! How “bad” are things really? Whatever degree of severity you’re dealing with, you’ve likely dealt with before. Breathe and apply all that energy to a resolution or success!

Now, as I mentioned above though…it is truly a Libra Full Moon. The build up to the Full Moon is distinctly Virgo and then at 9:28pm EST (just 15 minutes before reaching exact fullness) the Moon moves into Libra! It’s almost like a surprise party really! Virgo, Virgo, Virgo….SURPRISE! Libra!!!!

So I mentioned the second theme above which is resentment and this is definitely a Libra theme. Resentment is a relationship issue and Libra is all about relationships! We feel resentful when the amount of energy we give to someone (or something) seems to not be flowing back to us in return. We work hard for little pay, we lavish loved ones with attention to have them disappear when we need them, we put effort into our goals and dreams only to see them dwindle or ultimately fail. Resentment comes when our commitment to someone or something is looking or feeling fruitless.

As the sign of relationships, Libra is hinting to us about this wonderful principle called universal exchange – the energy that we put out there (money, action, affection, etc.) needs to be returned to us in some way! We tend to feel resentment when we either are not receiving that energy back or we don’t recognize (or value) the manner in which it is being flowed back in return. So as the (surprise) Libra Full Moon is directing us – it’s time to look at the energy exchange in the areas or relationships where we feel resentment.

Some questions to ask yourself during the Libra Full Moon:

· What specific relationships or responsibilities am I feeling resentment towards?

· What am I contributing to those relationships?

· What am I receiving in return?

· Do I need to initiate conversation in order to bring some clarity or change?

You see, resentment can only fester when we don’t express. You may come to some realizations in answering the questions above and perhaps find peace. Or you may find the opposite (in which case, I definitely recommend conversation to catalyze a shift or change). Each case will be its own unique situation but perhaps there are some underlying patterns that you will come to see in this reflection.

Either way, I wish you success in drawing yourself closer to balance in your relationships and responsibilities!

Now that’s the harder stuff…in my own effort to maintain balance, here are some quick notes on positive things that this Virgo/Libra Full Moon can bring you:

· A great time to begin treatments for allergies or physical ailments – Virgo’s relationship to the physical body makes it a great time for physical healing

· Organization!!! This is a great time to sit down and objectively look through your belongings – do you need them and where do they belong?

· Spending time with cherished ones – as Libra is about relationships, invest time in the relationships that matter to you and do things you love together!

· Romance!!! Even if you’re single, we all deserve to feel love! It may mean lavishing yourself with care and attention but truthfully, you should be doing that anyways!

· Taking care of monetary and legal matters – have you got paperwork that you’ve been avoiding? Contracts…taxes maybe?!?!? Time to get it done and off your plate!

So enjoy the Virgo (no, wait! Surprise!!!) Libra Full Moon! Kick neuroticism and resentment out the door and establish harmony with yourself and balance in your relationships!

It’s a tall order…but I know we can do it!





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