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Making space to dream-Full moon in cancer january 2018

Hi everyone!

Welcome to our first Full Moon of the year…coincidentally on the very first day of the year as well! On the evening of January 1st (or 2nd for some of you in the East), the Moon reaches her fullness in the sign of Cancer. Being that Cancer is the sign governed over by the Moon, you will note that she’s quite comfortable here. While the emotions are accentuated, the desire for calm, peace and rest is also emphasized at this time too.

With the Cancer Full Moon influencing the start of our year, you’ll find that the normal flow at the beginning of the year slows down a little and the push and pressure to start off on the right foot takes a back seat. The hard nature of the Capricornian season is tempered by the soft and nurturing Cancer Moon easing our transition back to our lives after the holiday season.

That being said though, the desire to get back to the normal swing of things may be missing at this time. Don’t be surprised if you feel like taking a few extra days off to recover and relax. The comforting energy of this Full Moon may have you desiring some R&R and if you’re in the capacity to honour that, by all means do so. It is important to remember that rest and activity are both parts of our natural cycle and when we ignore the call to rest, it can lead to us being overtired, emotional and demanding – both of ourselves and others. If you’re noticing these behaviours at work, know that fatigue is coming into play and honour your recuperation time.

And while you’re at it, take some time to dream! Venus and the Sun are conjunct at this time in the sign of Capricorn giving you the chance to evaluate and get real about the goals and desires that are part of your purpose. In the space of healing and rejuvenation where you are away from the daily stresses that influence your thinking, you can take the time you need to dream and envision all of the beautiful things that you can create in your life that will serve you. Relationships, homes, vehicles, opportunities, abundance...all of these are wonderful things that bring joy to life! When is the last time you allowed your creativity to nourish the possibilities available to you?

In that space of comfort, it’s easier to dream! When we encounter the “reality” of our everyday lives, it’s much easier to dismiss our dreams as impossible or impractical…but that leaves us miserable and robs us of the potential for so many of the good things in life.

So dream away! Dream big and free your heart to fuel your visions! This is our very first major event of the year and so it puts a little extra emphasis on the importance of nurturing yourself and your visions. If you start the year out in beauty then perhaps you can keep that ball rolling and end it that way too!

Have questions? You’ll have to wait until I’ve emerged from my own dream world…

May your dreams be bright and beautiful!



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