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Is Dependence on Technology your Downfall – Mercury Retrograde February/March 2020

Mercury wants to know if this device has become your brain...

With a title like that above, I know what’s happening in your imaginations right now…

Mercury = Godzilla

Tokyo = Your Life

So yes, Mercury is going into retrograde motion as of February 16th! From February 16th to March 9th, this is once again a trial ground where you get to look at the strengths and weakness of your communication and cognitive capabilities and most especially with this retrograde, your relationship with technology!

So why technology this time?

On February 16th, Mercury enters into retrograde motion in the sign of Pisces and finishes his backwards sojourn in Aquarius on March 9th. While most of his retrograde period is spent in the sign of Pisces, the theme of escapism and not being grounded shows itself in combination with the technological theme and energy of Aquarius.

Are you dependent on technology? I mean, it is a good question to ask….in a day and age where almost anything is available to you with a simple tap or click, the ease that technology has brought to our lives has also made it equally easy to become dependent on it for several functions.

Can’t remember something – put it in your schedule or set up a reminder!

Don’t know where to locate an item – purchase it online!

Can’t remember phone numbers or addresses – no need! Store them in your phone!

Can’t use a map to navigate – just use GPS!

And the list goes on!

In light of this retrograde period, I’ve prepared 3 questions for you to contemplate during this period so that you can re-orient yourself and rise above dependencies that can ruin brain function, emotional regulation and even relationships.

Mercury Retrograde Question #1: How often do you use screen time to dissociate from your life?

In Esoteric Astrology, Pisces has a relationship with the Astral Plane or dream world along with fantasy and imagination. When Mercury is retrograde in Pisces, the longing for the dream world, for fantasy and imagination causes us to disconnect from the grounded world to varying degrees (those of us who don’t like our lives will escape through fantasy and imagination more).

What I’m talking about sounds like daydreaming though – so what has technology got to do with this?

Enter the world of entertainment! There are all sorts of great TV shows and movies available to stream at the touch of a button (or tap of the screen). You can jump from world to world, become part of all the amazing stories available to you via streaming services and never have to emerge into reality until your alarm goes off in the morning and you struggle to shake the fatigue off to get to work.

If you’re finding yourself glued to the TV, able only to have conversations about the latest things you’re watching or even worse, ignoring people you care about or tasks that you have to accomplish, you will want to take action on this – do a screen time detox! Cut down screen time week by week and notice how everything from your relationships to your mental and physical energy start to shift!

Alternate point to consider – maybe you don’t actually like your life? In which case, serious change is needed! As a thought, the Life Activation will reconnect you to your Divine Blueprint (your purpose) so that you can start making the right decisions to manifest success, good relationships and health on all levels.

Mercury Retrograde Question #2: Can you pay attention to something without spacing out?

Pisces is symbolized by the deepest depths of the oceans.


Seafood Market….

Lobster…. yum…

Get the point?

This is an example of why Mercury is said to be in his detriment/fall when in Pisces. He loses his focus as he sways with the waves of the Piscean ocean. This is especially so when Mercury is Retrograde in Pisces, it becomes more difficult to see things through to completion as your mind trails, wanders off and is distracted. Vacantly staring at someone as they speak to you (or vice versa) is really not uncommon at this time. Short attention spans and wandering attention are staples of this energy.

Again…what does technology have to do with this?

Stimuli can become addictive! Getting likes on Facebook and Instragram, responding to messages, phone calls and emails, notifications from all the apps on your phone – there is so much to pay attention to! When your phone is constantly beeping, how can you listen to a person in front of you without diverting your attention or even letting your mind wander to what’s happening on your phone?

If you can’t have a conversation without needing to check your phone, if you find that you lack the ability to pay attention to read through an article or email or watch a clip longer than 2 minutes, you definitely want to shift this for yourself?

Here’s how – As Mercury is the planet of the mind, many detriments to his function (short attention span, anxiety, overthinking or negative thinking) can all be smoothed out with meditation. Here’s a little exercise you can do to help strengthen your ability to pay attention:

It’s simple – all you need is the Rider Waite Tarot deck or to print out the image below. Do this 3 – 5 times per week to build your concentration and focus.

Step one: Look at the image with your eyes open for 5 minutes. Dismiss any wandering thoughts as you maintain focus on the image.

Step two: Close your eyes. Maintain the image in your mind’s eye for another 5 minutes. Again, dismissing any random or wandering thoughts as you maintain this image in your mind’s eye.

Mercury Retrograde Question #3: Are you having difficulties interacting with others in person?

Mercury’s retrograde motion in Pisces can bring up issues around confidence in communication, while Mercury’s retrograde movement into Aquarius can also stimulate feelings of being unable to fit in or communicate with one’s peers and social circle. Lack of confidence and feeling like a black sheep or the feeling of being out of place in one’s surroundings can impact our ability to relate to others.

During this time (especially while Mercury is in Pisces), Mercury will challenge your ability to empathize. Your ability to recognize emotions (one of the gifts bestowed upon those born under Pisces) is a critical skill in communication and relationship building. This retrograde period will challenge that to a greater degree!

But again, what does this have to do with technology?

Interestingly, relationship skills, empathy and the ability to communicate in person are markedly impacted by the amount of screen time we have. How many trolls are out there on the internet demeaning, insulting and potentially even threatening others over beliefs, opinions, social position…you name it. Numerous studies have reported decreased self-esteem during in-person interactions that gets worse with increased screen time. Sound complicated? You can look at it this way:

More screen time = decreased communication skills

More screen time = decreased emotional recognition (empathy)

More screen time = decreased social confidence

If any of those things is something you’ve been struggling with, Mercury is reminding you to perhaps have a glance at your relationship with technology – the key to your healing might start there!

As always with any period of Mercury Retrograde motion, don’t create problems before they exist! Don’t worry about the fears of your technology being disrupted or whatnot. Take this period as a time of reflection to uncover how technology is impacting your life!

And if you find things that you’re not a fan of, it’s ok! You have the power and capacity to change it! If you need healing, get healing! If you need a different perspective or knowledge, you can get that too! Mercury is the teacher and retrogrades are test periods.

If you don’t do that well on this test, or even if you bomb it the good news is that he’s a kind teacher who always gives you another chance to do well.

With all that being said, I wish you a reflective, insightful and impactful time during while Mercury is retrograde. May you free your mind from any chains bound by technology and come to a higher place of learning and intelligence!




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