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You know you want a hug: Leo Full Moon, February 2020

Time to dust off the winter chills isn't it?

The Leo Full Moon is coming up on February 9th, 2020 and just in time to help warm up that flame in the heart and get us excited for life again!

Go ahead and have a watch (or listen) and find out what this Leo Full Moon has to offer in terms of:

- Creativity

- Love and Affection

- Healing the Inner Child

This beautiful Leo Full Moon will help rekindle the flame of the heart! Restoring your passion and desire to get on with life once again! Such a beautiful time to enjoy life and to embark upon healing without being overcome by negative emotions and drama!

If you've been needing to shake off the heaviness of January, then you've got to listen and find out what's in store!

P.S. For those of you local to Toronto, don't forget about the upcoming Love Magick event happening on the Leo Full Moon (February 9th). Yes, that's right - a love spell happening on a Full Moon filled with know it's going to be amazing! Get your tickets here!



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