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The Seeds of Remembrance – New Moon in Capricorn January 2018

It’s time for the New Moon! Seeds of creativity, energy and activity are ready to sprout!

But the energy for this New Moon in Capricorn calls for remembrance and instead of going too much into the energy of the Moon itself, I was inspired to tell you the Greek origin of the Capricorn constellation instead. While the story is beautiful, the underlying lesson is incredibly important as most of us have a case of functional amnesia. We function in life but we forget who we are and the wonders we are capable of.

In the Greek tradition, the God Chronos created the very first Sea Goat Pricus who went on to have many children and grand-children. Being sea-goats, these beings had the front hooves of a goat and the tail of a fish; their domain being the sea and Pricus their king.

Chronos gave the sea-goats the gift of immortal life and Pricus the additional power of dominion over time. This immortality came with one condition – the sea-goats were only immortal so long as they stayed in the sea. When they ventured on land, they would lose their tail and turn into normal goats until they returned to the water…the longer they stayed on land however, the less likely they were to return to the sea. You see, becoming terrestrial beings instilled an amnesiac condition. If the sea-goats stayed on land long enough, their transformation into a land goat and their amnesiac state would become permanent until they died (as they were no longer immortal).

Living in this beautiful and peaceful kingdom under the sea, it is of course normal that immortal beings might get bored and decide they want to explore. As a group, the sea-goats got together and decided that they want to visit the land and see what the Earth is like. Pricus warned the sea-goats that this was dangerous and that they may not return from their earthly adventure. And with certainty, the sea-goats went to enjoy the terrestrial life, got amnesia and passed away in old age.

Pricus was heart-broken. Using his dominion over time, he reversed time and tried talking to his children in a different way. Still they went on land, became earthly beings, suffered from amnesia and passed on.

And Pricus tried again – same result. He tried everything he could think of to no avail. Finally, Pricus realizes that he is powerless to stop his children from becoming terrestrial beings and begs Chronos to let him die – instead, Chronos placed him in the sky as the constellation Capricorn to watch over his descendants and hope that they one day remember their origins.

So at this time in remembrance of Capricorn, I will play the role of Pricus and ask you to remember this New Moon – remember your divine origins. Remember that you are not a terrestrial being but an immortal being and most of all: remember your purpose for being here!



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