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"The Power of Alignment: Harnessing the Energies of the Summer Solstice and Capricorn Full Moon"

It’s so amazing to watch the world come alive in the spring and see the excitement grow as we approach the Summer Solstice. The earth is green again, it’s warm, and the light is just so lovely as it shines down upon you.

The Summer Solstice is a powerful time in the Wiccan tradition, one of the eight Sabbats of the Wheel of the Year, it marks our entry into Summer with the longest day of the year. As the Light is at its peak, the God and Goddess are said to be at their height of their powers. The Goddess is pregnant with child, and the God is at the peak of his virility. The culmination of the light brings fertility, power, strength, and manifestation during the Summer Solstice.

In the skies, the Sun is God and the Moon is the Goddess, and they forever hover over the cradle that we call the earth, watching over their children.

This year, the potency of the God and Goddess are particularly strong as not only do we have the Summer Solstice but also the Full Moon (in Capricorn). And just a fun little note for us here in Toronto, the Full Moon becomes exact minutes after Sunset!

So, in other words: Capricorn Full Moon at Sunset on Summer Solstice. Pretty cool, right?!?!

Cancer and Capricorn: Nourishment and Strength of the Soul

Astrologically, this is the time to nourish the soul. The Summer Solstice marks the Sun’s entry into the zodiac sign Cancer. In Esoteric Astrology, Cancer symbolizes the waters from which the soul emerged as it came into the physical at birth. Cancer symbolizes the love and nourishment of our being that are possible when you develop a relationship with your soul body – when you embrace its existence in the same way you accept the reality of your physical body.

In the Modern Mystery School Lineage, the soul plays an important function for our existence in the physical. Damage to the soul body hinders our ability to express emotion, to be conscious and present in the physical, and limits our ability to connect with spirit. (Hint – soul and spirit are not the same! If you want to know more about this, I strongly recommend attending the Empower Thyself Class and Initiation).

In Astrology, your relationship to the Soul is governed by the Moon. The Moon also governs over your predisposition to your emotional state and the subconscious. Clearing out the subconscious and gaining mastery over your emotions make it easier to hear the wisdom of the soul – a process which we would call mastery over the Moon.

The beautiful thing about the Summer Solstice and the Full Moon coinciding with each other is that as the Sun is at the peak of its power in Cancer (which is ruled by the Moon), the Moon is also at the peak of her power because she is full. The light of the soul within is more easily felt and perceived, making communication clearer. For those of you who have awareness of your energy body, it is relatively easy to notice changes in chakras and your aura. The soul body is not as immediate to notice and so I encourage everyone to take time to meditate and connect with the soul body – since it serves important functions such as your ability to perceive the world, your emotions and spirit, keeping the soul in working order is a big key to healthier expression and perception.

Full Moon at Sunset: Forgiveness frees the soul

While this is not the case everywhere, the Full Moon becomes exact near Sunset here in Toronto. The Moon (soul) is rising and the Sun (personality) is setting. This rather reminds me of tossing sandbags out of an air balloon – the act of release allows you to rise.

As I looked at the chart of the Strawberry Moon, I noticed the Ascendant (eastern horizon) pointed in the direction of Capricorn, the same sign that the Full Moon is currently sitting in. It sparked a question and this is something to contemplate:

What traumas, emotional habits, or memories form the foundation of your emotional nature? How have they influenced your story? Would you like to end that chapter of your story and move forward into something new?

The good news of the union of the Summer Solstice and Full Moon is that it is indeed easier to let go, release, and rise higher into the light – and to do it joyfully! If there are things you’ve been particularly stuck on, try the Hermetic Soul Retrieval or the Hermetic Rebalancing Series. (I can introduce you to practitioners if you want to find someone local to you)

Forgiveness is an incredible healing power, but there is a key here that I want to mention. Forgiveness of the SELF is essential – as this full Moon is square to Neptune in Pisces, if you try to embrace forgiveness while pointing the finger entirely outside yourself, it will be for naught. Forgiving yourself for whatever your contribution (or lack thereof) was, opens the doors to releasing hurt and pain that weight the soul down.

Nourishing the Soul Body: Tips and Tricks

If you’ve been through a lot of healing and have come to a great place – that’s amazing! You may want to focus on feeding the soul instead. Sometimes progress consists of feeding our light instead of trying to release the shadows.

If you’d like to focus on feeding the soul, nourishing it and developing a better relationship with it, here are a few practices that will do just that.

1)       Meditation: I know…the “M” word. It’s good for everything really. I haven’t added it to the list as a default though. Meditation is a genuine way to nourish the soul. When we can get to that place of stillness, the light and wisdom of the soul can reach us, influencing our mind to be more positive and more perceptive.

2)       Studying Hermetic Wisdom: to give this explanation full justice, I’d need an

additional 5 pages but let me summarize it to this: the soul focuses our awareness in the physical and helps us perceive reality. The 7 Hermetic Principles govern over reality itself. The strong our connection to those principles, the more they feed the soul. So, grab the nearest copy of the Kybalion or you can listen to one of my mentor’s and Lineage Holders of the Modern Mystery School, Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon. You can check out his Instagram page here.

3)       Finalize the Healing Process: the Goddess Isis Healing Series is a great way to finalize the internal work that you have already done to change habits and patterns. The Advanced Isis Healing even helps you to transmute old traumas and emotional issues into greater vitality.

4)       Joy, joy, and more joy: don’t forget about the magick of the Summer Solstice itself! The culmination of the light brings joy, creativity and the potency of manifestation. The frequency of Joy feeds you on every level. Enjoy the beauty of the world, do things that bring you deep fulfillment, and spend time with the people who fill your heart with love. These are also excellent ways to nourish the soul too!

This Summer Solstice and Capricorn Full Moon are all about feeding yourself with the Light! Nourishing the soul is just as important as nourishing the body – that’s how you achieve health of mind, body, and emotions. And I don’t know about you, but when I have health in all those areas, I feel like a God – don’t you do too?

Wishing you deep fulfillment and nourishment from the powers of the Sun and Moon!




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