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Death and Renaissance - The Saturn Pluto Conjunction and COVID-19

Hi everyone!

I hope that you’re all keeping well, safe and healthy during these trying times!

I’ve gone a bit silent lately as I wanted to understand some of the energy behind world events happening at the moment and I would like to shed some astrological light and philosophy on matters. The process of destruction and renaissance (rebirth) is not an easy one – especially when you don’t even know you’re going through it! Even more so when it’s happening on a global scale.

So, for those of who you had tuned in to the 2020 Astrological Forecast I hosted back in January, I talked about the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that became exact on January 12th. More specifically, I called this particular conjunction the Union of the Death Gods. How so? Let’s take a look at the players involved:

Saturn – Roman God of death, generation, abundance, liberation and periodic renewal. Known for carrying a sickle, the instrument of the death gods.

Pluto – Roman God of death and the underworld. The Romans didn’t write much about him or have many stories – no one wanted to attract his attention!

But that’s not all – Saturn and Pluto are conjunct in Capricorn!

Capricorn – the esoteric gate out of life (a fancy way of saying physical death). Capricorn was assigned to the Greek god Hades – coincidentally, a lord of the Underworld like Pluto!

So, we have the union of Saturn and Pluto (2 death gods) in the sign of the Underworld…has it been any wonder that people were (and still are) panicking? So right now, as a planet, we are all currently staring the death gods in the face. Some of us are being prudent, preparing ourselves and retaining calm amidst turmoil.

Others…well, others are standing in front of the death gods in absolute hysterics, crying while clutching rolls of toilet paper and hand sanitizer to their chests in hopes of salvation.

And perhaps even worse are others who like to fancy themselves immune to the death gods and through arrogance endanger others.

These are strange pictures I have painted here. But I paint them in your mind’s eye to make a few points:

1) We all have to face the death gods and our mortality

2) We’d like to think that we would face the death gods in a composed manner, but the truth is that the energy of death brings upheaval. And death (through upheaval), brings about extreme reactions.

This is summed up quite neatly in images of the Death card in the Tarot. Look at the image below. No one is immune to death – not kings, priests or the young! And we all react to death differently – in faith, in fear, in disbelief, in revulsion. Now is a chance for us to get acquainted to our relationship with the energy of death and see if we really are willing to accept the inevitable (whether it’s our time or not).

I’ve been taking up time recently looking into the historical background of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and what it is perhaps renowned for most is destruction and creation of new nations. Previous conjunctions of the death gods in 1982, 1947 and 1914 resulted in worldly events that are part of our history books.

1982 – economic recession (especially in the United States)

1947 – creation of new nations post-WWII (India, Pakistan and Israel)

1914 – start of WWI

So yes, similar to 1982 we are going into recession, why? Out of fear of disease and death. The Corona Virus (or COVID-19) has swept through nations at an alarming rate, killing off lives and livelihoods. The astrological influence behind it will persist for much of 2020. With the Saturn-Pluto conjunction being renewed (although not exact) in September of this year.

This virus will bring about death, not just to people but to the way our economies and politics work. In the 2020 forecast, I also spoke about the abuse and misuse of power. The very country in which that abuse of power has been so appallingly evident is now the hardest hit. That statement may make it sound as though I wish ill upon others. I wish death upon none, but what I do want to say is that the misuse of power and propagation of ignorance has deadly consequences.

Whew! So that’s enough morbidity! Would you like some good news perhaps?

I think everyone wants good news…in a few short days, on April 4th to be exact, Jupiter moves into exact conjunction with Pluto. From the perspective of esoteric astrology, this helps to bring needless death as a result of abuse of authority out of play. Pluto is a 1st Ray planet – the ray of will which brings either creation or destruction (usually the latter). Jupiter is a 2nd Ray planet – the ray of love/wisdom which is the inherent opposite of the 1st ray. The conjunction of these two planets helps to stimulate the creation of forms, structures, laws and procedures that can serve the greater good and humanity as a whole. In the practical sign of Capricorn, the functionality of these structures enhances the outcome.

So, what should we expect on the other side of a world-wide pandemic?

Well, here are a few things that I see coming into play:

· Cooperation between nations, sharing data, facts and resources to beat this virus

· Changes to economic policies, standards of sanitation, and medical structures that last for years to come

· Changes in the approach of responsibility of a government to its people

· Re-prioritization of values, needs and use of resources (both on an individual level and national levels)

· Realization of how personal actions have local and widespread consequences

The good news is that we are going to learn from this experience! We will make wiser choices not only for ourselves but also for our communities and at large. We are going through a death and rebirth after all. The trouble is that we don’t get to see what’s on the other side of rebirth until we get there – just like a child doesn’t get to see what’s outside of the womb until they emerge into the world.

Given that Saturn and Pluto will reunite in September again, I would say that we’re going through a long labour process (long to us anyways…a year is nothing in the greater scheme of time). I’m not a medical expert and will not pretend to tell you when social distancing protocols will be done, but I do know that aspects and activities of life (other than physical health) will start to pick up again in 2021.

So, here’s my advice based on the astrology of the times:

1) Take everything one day at a time

2) Focus on your foundations

3) Clear away unnecessary tasks, items and activities

4) Be thankful and grateful for the areas of life that are still alive and doing well

5) Don’t get too morbid! Find the joy in growing where you can! Learn new things, deepen your connections to others, develop those crazy ideas you’ve always wanted to manifest!

6) Know that the isolation and social distancing will come to an end!

7) Remember that your life and health matter! And that you bear an impact on those you love and care for! Take care of your health, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually!

It’s a long rebirth or renaissance if you will. Just remember that change doesn’t always mean catastrophe. Let’s allow redirect these worldly events into becoming more responsible, aware and caring as individuals and allow for the decay of structures, politics and economic games that no longer serve us.

Wishing you all health, wisdom and well-being of the spirit!


P.S. Don’t get too morbid about the death gods…sometimes the most appropriate response to meeting them is laughter! You’ll see what I mean here!



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