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Air: The element of the mind and communication

Air is the most pervasive element and yet the one that is most difficult to master and it touches every aspect of our lives and relationships! So let's take a look at the element of air!

Hi everyone!

How fare all of my lovely online friends? Considering that we have just passed what I like to call Gemini season, I wanted to take the time to share more information with you about the element of air, as it is the element assigned to Gemini and is truly one of the elements that many of us need to heal our relationship with. In this piece, I will introduce the element of air in its energetic components.

The Magickal Meaning of Air:

Of all the elements, air is probably the element that we take for granted the most. The reason I say this is because air is so intrinsic and such a vital part of our physical lives that the option of being without it does not exist until we actually experience a lack of breath for whatever reason. We never appreciate air until we are out of it…and if you haven’t appreciated air in a while, run up a few flights of stairs. I guarantee you’ll love the feeling of oxygen filling your lungs afterwards!

Air is ever present and its presence is what gives us life. In the beginning, God spoke the word and that word gave us form, but God’s breath is what gave us life. Now in astrology, air is not just the physical air that we breathe, it symbolically represents other things: the mind, intellect, communication, relationships and the soul. Just as we ceaselessly breathe, so do we ceaselessly think, communicate and relate. In fact, none of these processes ever stops! And our lack of understanding of these processes can be rather frustrating to say the least!

Air and the Astrology Signs:

In astrology, these levels of communication and relation are illustrated and governed over by the three air signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. As the leader of the airy triplicity, Gemini governs over these processes in general, but more specifically deals with the relation and communication processes between all aspects of the self. Gemini is the intermediary between the physical body and lower (logical) mind in relation to the soul, as well as being the intermediary between the soul and spirit. Physically, Gemini rules over the nervous system, the intermediary between the brain and the rest of the body. Essentially, Gemini governs over the communication and relation processes that deal with all parts of what we would call the self and are internal. In Gemini, these processes are also extended to those who we first learn to communicate with and are closest to the self, family, siblings and close relations.

In Libra, the processes of communication and relation are extended out to friends, business partners and lovers. We also begin to see our own relation to non-human entities such as governments, the law and karma. The communication and relation skills that were initially developed in Gemini now take on more sophistication and deeper complexity mentally and emotionally. In Aquarius, we move beyond the personal and begin to relate to society and the groups within society as a whole. On an energetic level, we relate and communicate with what we call the collective consciousness of humanity and the Higher Mind of God.

So the airy triplicity in essence governs over our ability to perceive, communicate and interact with the world on various levels, from intra-personal to universal. That being said, each of these three signs holds within it a key lesson that we must learn so that our relationships do not become distorted.

1) In Gemini, we come to realize that we are not our body or our thoughts and we make first contact with our true individuality.

2) In Libra, we come to realize that we are not our loved ones and learn to maintain our individuality in personal relationships.

3) In Aquarius, we come to realize that we are not the boxes society labels us with and we learn to maintain our individuality within groups and society at large.

Air as the power of Communication:

As we come into greater mastery of our ability to relate to our true self, we become increasingly better at relating to others in empowering ways. This is the key that air holds. It is the intermediary that fills the space between two vessels. Your mind is the space between your current consciousness and higher consciousness and as such is governed over by the element of air. The stronger and clearer your connection to air, the stronger and clearer your connection to your soul and spirit will be.

About the Author: Aleksandra Ceho

Aleksandra began her studies with the Modern Mystery School in 2005 and is now an Initiated Teacher and Guide. Upon her path, she has also been blessed with the honor of being a Wiccan High Priestess and Apprentice Teacher for the Warriors of Light program. Her love for astrology, esoteric arts, healing and teaching has fueled her upon her path and inspired her studies. It is her extreme honor to assist others in remembering who they are and the gifts that they bring to this planet. It is her sincere hope that those she touches move on to touch and empower others as well.



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