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Geniality and Communion - Libra Full Moon March 31, 2018

Hi everyone!

I hope that you’re all faring well as you read on! The Libra Full Moon is coming up March 31, 2018 and I wanted to take a few moments to share a few key insights about it!

As many websites and astrology books will tell you, Libra is the people pleaser of the Zodiac wheel. The Lady of Justice who seeks to harm none is a very accurate description of Libra’s outlook. With the Full Moon being received by Libra, the desire for peace and good relationships is at hand. In fact, relationships become the focus of this Libra Full Moon as we take some time to reflect on a few key underlying energies.

Interestingly, this Libra Full Moon is in opposition to Mercury as he continues on in Retrograde motion in the sign of Aries. This influence is interesting because it helps us to consider how much our values impact our communication in relationships. How often do you avoid saying something to be polite? How many times have you avoided being genuine because it is the socially acceptable thing to do?

With this opposition of the Libra Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde in Aries, you may find yourself ‘accidentally’ speaking your mind. Filters and censorship completely go out the window! And believe it or not, this is great! Social conventions are not always to our benefit. Be genuine and express without seeking to harm!

The other piece to this is that we oftentimes avoid expressing ourselves or apply censorship because we believe that we are going to hurt others. How often do you stay silent, censor your words or avoid a topic of conversation simply because you feel you might hurt another? While Mercury Retrograde in Aries may stimulate very direct words (that perhaps you had no intention of saying), the Libra Full Moon is about establishing peace and balance. Do you have peace in your relationships because of what you don’t say? Or do you have peace in your relationships because you can speak and come to a genuine understanding?

These are important questions to ask ourselves because a relationship that is ‘balanced’ through silence and censorship causes pressure and that pressure can find its way into the relationship itself. This Libra Full Moon reminds us that through communication and the genuine desire and love of having people in our lives, we can maintain good relationships while also being just to ourselves.

Lastly, and more of a sub-note here; this is also a time of honouring periods of rest and activity. Do you rest when you need to rest? Do you work when you need to work? As the balance point of the zodiac wheel, Libra represents the balance between movement and rest. To establish equilibrium we must have both and have them at the appropriate times.

If you’re feeling fatigued, pulled on or even resentful of others or just in general, then it is a sign that perhaps you need to take a look at how this movement/rest dynamic is functioning in your own life and make some needed adjustments.

And for those of us who are too shy, scared of expressing ourselves or scared to hurt others (to an extreme), this can be a time for us to focus on genuineness and true accord through communication.

Hope this Libra Full Moon brings balance to you, your life and your relationships!



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