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Family Matters - Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer: July 2nd, 2019

Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer – July 2nd, 2019

Here we are in the summer finally and we are about to approach the second set of Eclipses coming up this year. There will be a total Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd and a Partial Lunar Eclipse on July 16/17th (depending on where you are in the world).

So let’s take a look at the energy of this eclipse and its influence because Total Solar Eclipses are gateways that allow us to perceive obstacles that are external to us and how the past manifests in negative circumstances. During a Solar Eclipse, the light of the Sun is blocked from our view by the Moon. As the Sun symbolizes vitality, life, joy, relationships and all good things in this world, when its light is blocked, it is a time of temporary disruption that allows us to see what isn’t working for us. And when we make note of the fact that the Moon has to do with the past and our emotions, it becomes easier to understand why the external manifestations of resistance and disruption occur.

Technical Details of the Solar Eclipse in Cancer:

On July 2nd at 12:55pm (EDT) the Solar Eclipse in Cancer will begin. Unfortunately for those of us in North America, this Eclipse will not be visible to us. In fact, the only continent that will be able to see it in its totality is South America. So for all of you who have been hoping to catch a glimpse, you will have to catch a plane to Santiago or Buenos Aires which may not be all that bad of an idea!

Astrological Themes of the Solar Eclipse in Cancer:

In looking at the astrology behind this Solar Eclipse in Cancer, there were a few themes that came up. The first (and most obvious) being that the Eclipse is happening in the sign Cancer – but also, this Eclipse is in opposition to the great oppressor (Saturn) sitting in the sign Capricorn right now. Saturn is also conjunct Pluto at this time and so he has a bit of added oomph and intensity too.

So in looking at this overall theme, it prompted a few questions that I would like to guide you with at this time:

· How is your relationship with your family?

· Do we have a good concept of what family means and have we put that into practice?

· Do we actually love the people around us or do we feel bound by obligation of what family means to society/culture/tradition?

· Do our families contribute meaningfully to our lives or do they keep us chained to relationships and ways of being that make us suffer?

Metaphysically, Cancer governs over the family and particularly the relationship to our mother. Cancer is the sign in which we are born into this world and it provides the nurturing, foundation and people who bring us from infancy to a place in which we can function independently. Some people are blessed to start their lives with the foundation of a loving and caring family, some people are blessed to create loving families around them where none existed previously and some people (may they be blessed) try to function in dysfunctional circumstances and families. We all have our challenges in life and for some, family is that challenge!

One of the downfalls of the sign Cancer is that of attachment and long-suffering for the sake of a dying relationship. Not all those who are Cancer exhibit this trait, but this is a sign of the Cancer energy gone awry. So you may feel yourself in agony over family (or family-like) relationships that are driving you nuts. You may feel as though you have suffered and given and sacrificed and no matter what you do, you cannot achieve change. This Solar Eclipse in Cancer can spark events or realizations that put an end to that suffering and truthfully, who wants to suffer over relationships?

No one!

And this also calls into question our own nurturing nature. Cancer is one of the mothers of the Zodiac wheel. Are we being overly motherly or overly nurturing that we find ourselves attached to relationship that aren’t changing because we don’t give them space to shift? Or have we attached ourselves to relationships that don’t work because we feel that traditions/judgement/societal standards indicate that we should stick by our family no matter what.

Conversely, we may be dealing with people who are incredibly attached to us and we don’t know how to hold the right boundaries. And so you may find that you allow for closeness that borders on intrusion simply because you don’t want to rock the boat and provoke someone who isn’t emotionally stable. If you’ve been allowing someone to overstep in their nurturing nature, you may wish to consider receiving and emotional cord cutting and getting clear about what you feel is trespassing and what isn’t.

How to heal all of the potential manifestations of the Solar Eclipse in Cancer:

There are a number of tools at your disposal that can help you out. The first that I would recommend is a healing called the Isis Healing which renews the emotional body so that you can stop repeating the same patterns which are leading you down a path of being hurt or frustrated. Since we attach based on our emotional content, having that renewal of the emotional body can set a new foundation for you to relate to your family in a new way….because they don’t necessarily have to go. In fact, shifts and changes in your emotional nature and attachments can alter and shift the quality of your familial relations.

And whether you’re looking to shift relationships or even if you feel like family is something that you want and your past has prevented you from having, there’s a wonderful crystal healing for old wounds or if there’s trauma, you may want to consider a Hermetic Soul Retrieval. Clearing away the pain from old wounds and restoring yourself to wholeness can also help you to have happier and healthier family relationships as well.

Now, usually I tend to give you down-to-earth, practical suggestions but here I am suggesting a series of healing modalities. Since the energy of this total Solar Eclipse in Cancer is quite intense and profound, we need to deal with issues at their roots. We can’t apply physical solutions to issues of energetic nature. And even more so – if you don’t change the energy, you don’t change the outcome!

The Ultimate Healing of the Solar Eclipse in Cancer:

So to redirect your gaze and give you something to work towards, remember that Cancer is the sign of nurturing and a supportive environment in which everyone can thrive and establish independence. Your ultimate goal is to create that kind of theme for yourself and your family (if all parties want it). That may involve boundaries, healing and overcoming attachment. All of these methods may be applied within or externally depending on the situation but no matter what, if you can heal these relationships and establish healthy boundaries then there is nowhere in your life that you will not be able to recreate this!

So embrace the challenge, heal and establish the healthy relationships that will forever set you a pattern of good health and mutual support to come!

May this Solar Eclipse in Cancer bring a new level of nurturing and nourishment to you and your family!




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