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The Life activation


 Have you received your Life Activation yet?


Your spiritual DNA contains the keys to who you truly are. All of your gifts, intuitive abilities and even your life purpose reside dormant in the spiritual DNA awaiting activation. This amazing tool of empowerment will bring greater light to your aura and energy bodies, re-awaken your connection to the creational powers that are the elements, magnetic and etheric energies.

This session was the culmination of work by King Salomon and the healers and priests and priestesses of all the world's tribes. This tool of empowerment will bring you into alignment with your soul and spirit and help you to access the wisdom and power of your higher self. This is the most fundamental and important connection that you can make in this lifetime.

In this 1 hour session, you will receive the full awakening and benefits of the elemental, magnetic, and etheric energies as well as the chakra and aura systems. The session ends with a short reading relating personal messages for your growth.

This session is valued at $150 and includes a 1 month set of Purificato and Crystalis, vibrational tinctures that clear out all toxins and negativity that prevent the spiritual DNA from expressing your gifts. 

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