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Are you swinging from extreme to extreme?

Are you in need of deep centering and balance?

Are you ready to awaken aspects of yourself that have been buried?

The Tree of Life symbolizes human divinity and humanity’s relationship with the universe. Our physical bodies and DNA derive from the tree of life and in this session you will experience the awakening of the gifts of discernment, transformation, clarity and connection to the powers of the universe!

As the Tree of Life is awakened within the body, great healing and transformation begin to occur along with a greater sense of your true individuality and life purpose. This is a specialty session only offered by a few select practitioners of the Modern Mystery School.

The session is 90 minutes and is performed in a specially prepared temple space. It is valued at $250. For details or to book a session, contact Aleksandra.

Please note that this session is required in order to receive the Enochian Healing. For Package pricing on the Kabbalistic and Enochian Healing series, please contact Aleksandra.