Master the Stars

Fulfill your life purpose and achieve joy
with Esoteric Astrology

the hermetic re-balancing modality



This is a specialty session offered only by a few select practitioners who are certified in this modality. Coming from the teachings of the Mystery School’s branch of Hermetic Astrology, this re-balancing session helps to bring you back in balance with the 7 Hermetic Rays which help guide you on your life path.

The 7 Hermetic Rays are the forces by which we connect to and understand the reality all around us. As we connect to these Rays, our ability to perceive and create reality is dramatically amplified.

As blockages build up, our ability to connect to the 7 Hermetic Rays is diminished and this results in a reduced ability to connect to spirit, perceive life from the perspective of truth and our ability to manifest our purpose in this world. In this deeply healing session, Aleksandra will clear up the blockages that create imbalance and prevent you from connecting to spirit and manifesting your life purpose.

This specialty session is 90 minutes and is valued at $250.  For better results, Aleksandra recommends a 3-session package valued at $650. Contact Aleksandra today to book your appointment.