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Specialty Healings: 


Healing is one of our primary missions in this lifetime. From our opinions to our self-image to the pain that comes from past events and relationships, there are many things blocking us from knowing ourselves and expressing the talents and gifts that come through our connection to the stars.

Aleks offers a number of healings that she has learned upon the path of the King Salomon Lineage through the Modern Mystery School. Below is a short list of the healings that Aleks has to offer. Please check the healing menu for the specialty sessions that Aleks also is certified to offer. Should you have questions or have a specific need, please feel free to contact her!


The Life Activation – This is THE primary modality to connect you to your life purpose and awaken your gifts (both physical and spiritual). Working with the aura, magnetic and etheric energies, this tool of Empowerment will also help you to increase the light you hold in your energetic body, connect to higher spiritual realms and beings, awaken your psychic gifts, open your energetic awareness and achieve your life purpose. This session is a must for all who are seeking to find themselves and live their purpose! Find out more about it here!


Crystal Healings  Working with the energy of crystals, these gifts of the earth help to remove the physical and emotional blockages that prevent you from being whole. Crystal healing can help you to overcome an overactive mind, stress, forgetfulness, depression, physical pain and much more.  Crystal healing can also help you bring in more positive qualities such as a pure mind, grounding, passion and good fortune. This is one of the most versatile and powerful tools of healing and transformation there is!


Egyptian Aura Healing – This modality works on the seven layers of the aura bringing light to the energetic body and healing any holes or disruptions. The power of the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses will help revitalize your aura clearing out toxic energies and emotions that cause fatigue, depression, stress and illness.  A fun and interactive modality that will make you feel more energetic and joyful.  


Isis Healing – Do you have emotional traumas or habits that you just can’t seem to release? Are you looking to change your outlook but can’t overcome the negative emotions that cloud your view? Working with the Egyptian Goddess Isis, this healing facilitates a renewal of the emotional body clearing away old emotions and patterns that leave you stuck in negativity. This renewal brings emotional freedom, greater capacity for joy and a stronger alignment with the Higher Self, spirit guides and other spiritual energies. 


The Ra Protection Healing - This session works with the power of the Egyptian God of the Sun - Ra.  As the supreme God of Egypt and of the light, this session provides a deep cleansing of the energy field removing stagnant and negative energy while sealing and protecting the aura from outside influences that cause confusion and harm. The power of this session will leave you feeling clean and clear and protect you from the undue influence of outside emotional and negative energies.


Personalized Magick for Growth – Aleks will work with you to overcome personal obstacles using oils, herbs and candle spells to help overcome personal limitations which block us from finding joy, love, passion, etc.  Price varies depending on the nature of the Magick used and supplies necessary.