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Etheric reconstruction


Stuck on a core issue that just does not seem to resolve itself no matter what you do?

Do you have pain that persists despite having multiple forms of energy healing done?

The human body is composed of many energy systems. The etheric field is known to be the energetic blueprint of the physical body and it is the mediator between the physical and spiritual bodies. As the mediator, it can often become distorted or damaged by toxic thoughts and emotions which then become deeply entrenched patterns.

Etheric reconstruction works to remove those seeds of negativity freeing your mind and emotions of these negative patterns and re-establishing greater contact with your own individuality and divinity. This session helps you to be rid of the toxic patterns that deprive you of choice and the ability to make better decisions for yourself.

This is a highly specialized session that works in a very holy and sensitive part of your energy field. As such, the session is a half-hour with an hour of preparation for the session. It is valued at $250 and is only recommended for those who have tried other modalities to no avail.

Contact Aleksandra for more details as to whether this is the correct step to bring your life back into balance.