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Enochian healing

 Do you want a stronger angelic connection?

Do you want to effect more good in the world?

Are you ready to take your light work to the next level?

Enochian is known to be the language of the Angels and in this higher form of healing, calling upon the sacred symbols used by Enoch to communicate with God bring greater light and contact with the higher realms and beings for service to self and others.

 A wonderful healing for all light workers as it clears and energizes the aura bringing greater clarity, greater insight and more power to do good for yourself and others. This session requires the Kabbalistic Healing first to balance and stabilize your energy field so that you may utilize the energy of this session to its fullest capacity.

As with the Kabbalistic Healing, this session is 90 minutes and is performed in a specialized temple setting. The session is valued at $250. Please message Aleksandra if you feel like this healing may be of service to you.

Prerequisite: Kabbalistic Healing