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The empower thyself class and initiation


Depression and suffering happen when we devote ourselves to something we don't believe in. We devote ourselves to jobs, to our relationships and to other aspects of life that are not in alignment with our true desires. We lose touch with who we are and what we're here for.

The Empower Thyself Class will help you to understand the bigger picture. Your life has meaning and purpose and as a creator, you have the potential to answer the most important questions of life so that you can devote yourself to those things which bring joy and passion to your life:

Who am I?

What am I?

Where did I come from?

Where am I going?

What is my purpose? 

This class is a week-end long journey and exploration into the concepts of God, the Universe and how you as a spirit fit into this picture. In addition to learning about the powers of heaven and the universe, you will receive tools that will help you connect to these powers of creation and use them to assist you in manifesting the life you truly desire.

The class ends with the first-step initiation into the Lineage of King Salomon. This lineage is over 3000 years old and has held these sacred teachings of the Mystery School in safe keeping. This initiation brings you 10 times greater light and power, divine guidance and protection and 4 brand new spirit guides whose sole purpose is your spiritual progression.

There truly is no greater investment than in discovering who you are, your gifts and what you are here to do. If you're ready to wake up and devote yourself to the greater being that you are, this is your next step!

The tuition for this class and initiation is $650 and includes these incredible teachings, a manual filled with greater depth and knowledge of these teachings, initiate-only access to Magus (the official publication of the Modern Mystery School), and the tools of empowerment that will help you change your life.

Message Aleks to find out when you can take this next step!