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Home and Office Protection

In our homes, we cherish being able to relax, be ourselves and leave the outside world behind.  Using energy of crystals, Aleks will help to re-inforce your space and keep it free of any outside influences, allowing you to feel safe, secure, and relaxed.  Different techniques are available based on your needs.

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Home and Office Clearings or Blessings

Your space is supposed to be just that; YOUR space.  Very often when we move or buy new homes or offices, the energy of that space is permeated by that of its previous inhabitants.  Using shamanic and energetic clearing techniques, Aleks can remove previous energies and influences from your space, making it lighter and more comfortable.


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Sacred Space Settings

The creation of sacred space, also known as a temple helps to bring in positive energies for use in daily life or for special occasions (i.e. weddings, blessings).  Based on your needs, Aleks can build the appropriate sacred or temple space to bring love and light to you.

For more information and pricing, please contact Aleks