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Quotes Testimonial for Astrology and the 9 Trials of the Ego: Fantastic Class! It has helped me to reorganize my ego and its challenges especially after other work with the negative ego. The practical applications weave all the esoteric teachings together. An absolute requirement! Quotes
Beginner Astrology Student

Quotes Testimonial for Astrology and the 9 Trials of the Ego I loved this class! It brought increased awareness to my negative ego and gave me tools to work with what I personally need to work on and how to do this. So invaluable in creating a life true to purpose and with JOY! Thank you! Quotes
Student of Esoteric Knowledge

Quotes There exists an infinite world of knowledge and wisdom within the study of esoteric astrology; so endless that one could spend their whole life searching for a clear understanding of the stars and planets and their corresponding energies. Aleksandra`s classes bring these teachings to life in a way that awakens the astrologer in all of us. Through her classes, one learns that through higher understanding, we are able to work with the astrological energies in our lives so that we are empowered in our progression, not vulnerable. I can say with complete confidence that on my journey to mastering myself, Aleksandra`s guidance and education has played an integral component. Quotes
Beginning Astrology Student

Quotes Aleksandra is extremely knowledgeable and absolutely willing to take the time to speak or teach on the subject. She has also done an Astrology Report for me by accessing my date and time of birth and birthplace she was able to hand me a report of how the stars, planets, my Astrological sign and energies that surround our system have an affect on me personally. When I started to read I was immediately pulled in by the accuracy and familiarity of the information presented. I watch Aleksandra shine when she speaks about the Astrology and the energies surrounding Esbats and Sabbats and Solstices within our Wiccan Coven in the Modern Mystery School. There is so much more going on around us, something bigger and she can help us to understand how these extremely important energies can create, destroy and rebuild within and each of our lives - we just need to be more knowledgeable and aware of the influences and Aleksandra is definitely the girl to help. Quotes
Guide and Teacher in the Modern Mystery School

Quotes I loved these astrology classes--simple to follow and understand. Aleksandra presents the information in such a practical and easy way. I now have a better understanding of some of the basic concepts of astrology. Loooking forward to the next set of classes! Quotes
Excited Student