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Becoming Bigger than Judgment: Gemini Full Moon November 25th 2015

Posted by Aleksandra Ceho on November 25, 2015 at 10:35 PM



Hi everyone!


I hope that you've taken some time to look out at the beautiful full moon and bask in that pearly white energy!


This current Full Moon is lighting up within the sign of Gemini and is highlighting all sorts of things (Gemini is the most multi-faceted of the signs) but the one question that this full moon is asking of you is: what are you hiding from others in order to keep the peace or avoid judgment?


Gemini is the sign of communication and when the Moon makes her way into this sign (especially while at the full), we are normally quite communicative and ready to smooth over emotional hiccups with open, honest words. When the Full Moon lights the sky, we are often overcome with emotion and the rational Gemini energy helps us to put some of our experiences and feelings into words so that we can share with others. With this particular Full Moon, the Sun and Mercury (ruler of Gemini) are conjunct with Saturn however and in opposition to the Moon, bringing silence and secrets for the sake of being liked or keeping the peace.


Whether it is speaking words or committing actions that are not really in alignment with who you are, there is a lack of genuineness that comes directly from the feeling of being judged by others. This Full Moon in Gemini is encouraging you to be genuine and not succumb to restraint of expression. Gemini governs over relationships and the service and healing that come about as a result of our relationships. When we employ self-restraint to personal expression and accept the judgment of others, we propagate the construction of relationships that serve no one and produce no love.


As the sign which is represented by the Lovers card in the Tarot, Gemini and the energy of this Full Moon will not stand for that.


So if shame, guilt or other negative feelings are surfacing, perhaps it's time to gently challenge the dynamics of your relationships. This Gemini Full Moon will help you find the right words if you're brave enough to be genuine. You might also find that your loved ones and friends are far more accepting of those things you've been hiding than you thought. This Gemini Full Moon can also reveal judgments of self that we project on to others. Truly, until we communicate with someone, we never really know what's going through their mind and it is easy to project our own garbage and hang-ups on to them. So use your words this week! Be open and honest and do away with the pressure of judgment!


If we can all incorporate a little more of that Sagittarian-Jupiter influence, that complete disregard for the opinions of others, we'd do great! On a funny note, in astrology Jupiter is renowned for his lack of concern as regards the disposition of other planets in relation to himself. Even when in a square or oppositional state with another planet, (harsh or combative astrological relationships) Jupiter ignores the animosity that would normally be present in such a situation and treats that planet like his friend anyways. He is called the Greater Benefic and we can see why; he smiles and remains indifferent to judgment even in the face of outright hostility.


If you feel like you could use a little more of that in your life, I encourage you to connect with him through meditation. It takes a lot to be bigger than the opinions of others, and no other planetary energy accomplishes this in the way that Jupiter does. Zeus and Odin are two of the Gods who relate to this Jupiterian disposition and if you feel so called, you can read on some of their stories to connect to their energy as well!


So just remember that you are bigger than others’ judgment and that hiding who you are to avoid judgment does not serve anyone. Even if the only thing that comes of this is a boost to your confidence and an ability to be more open and honest with others, then this Gemini Full Moon will have sparked some growth for you and growth is the most important thing!


Until next time!




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