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Got Stuff? Mercury Retrograde - January 2016

Posted by Aleksandra Ceho on January 5, 2016 at 5:20 PM

Happy New Year! I hope that everyone has had a wonderful time during the holiday season partaking of food and drink and merriment! I know that 2016 is going to pan out to be an amazing time of growth but there will be more details on that to come! In fact, I will be hosting the 2016 forecast in person and so I encourage you to make it out! See the calendar for details!

Now that I’ve got the pleasantries out of the way, it’s time to say those magickal words that I know inspire dread and fear in your heart:

Mercury is retrograde!

Mercury is retrograde!

Mercury is retrograde!

Now, I know you’re thinking that the year has just started and that you’re not ready for the “chaos” Mercury brings while in retrograde movement. But let me tell you, this is perhaps the best thing you could ask for, especially if organization and cleanliness are part of your goals for the year!

So as of today, January 5th Mercury is in retrograde motion in the sign of Aquarius but on the 8th he moves back into Capricorn and will remain in retrograde motion until the 25th. You may start to feel (or indeed have already felt) the urge to clean and go through old things and make space. Closets, drawers, locker rooms, storage units and those pesky areas where STUFF tends to accumulate will not be spared. You may notice that you have a particular need for things to be clean and organized…especially if that really isn’t something you value or devote much time to normally.

Now the cleanliness and organization piece are really about preparing space. The underlying energy or theme of this retrograde period is one of being free and unfettered by your own junk so that you are able to pursue your own goals. It’s hard to move forward when you have a lot of junk to drag around with you. As you begin to purge yourself of things that simply create chaos and disorganization, you may find it easier to part with your stuff than you thought it would be. Anything that is unnecessary, has no practical use or hampers you simply has to go. Take advantage of this emotional freedom from STUFF to create the space that you’ve been meaning to for oh so long!

Imagine, you are the winged traveller (Mercury) climbing to the top of the mountain (the symbolism of Capricorn) and your travelling bag is stuffed with all the things you cram your space with; toiletries, gadgets, books, trinkets, food you don’t eat and clothes you never wear and so on. As a matter of fact, you can barely even close the darn bag and bits and pieces of stuff crack through the seams. You have to make it to the top of the mountain and the closer you get to the top, the heavier that bag becomes. As Mercury is in his retrograde period at the moment, it is as if you are at the summit. The oxygen is low and the climb is incredibly steep. Failure is not an option.

So I ask you: What are you going to remove from that bag and toss to the side?

Now on the 14th, Mercury will move into conjunction with the Sun in Capricorn so if you’re losing perspective on why you’re cleaning house, this is the time to tune in and get clear on your goals and plans once again. Whenever we encounter anything difficult, it is easy to forget why we’re doing it in the midst of our “suffering”. This conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn will fill your mind with that vision of whatever golden award awaits you at the top of your own personal mountain top.

Towards the end of Mercury’s backwards sojourn, he moves into conjunction with Pluto and he will be hanging out with the Lord of the Underworld until the end of January. From the 23rd to the 31st, this sense of cleaning house may shift towards how you are spending your time. You may find yourself being pulled in opposing directions. Your goals and needs may conflict with your responsibilities or with the desires of other important people in your life. Conversely, you may discover that you simply have many things demanding your time and energy and you cannot effectively handle them all. This conjunction of Mercury and Pluto will ask you to cut loose activities that are not in alignment with your priorities.

If you don’t know what your priorities are, then you may find that the end ofthe month is incredibly difficult, hard to balance and leads to a lot of personal frustration and exhaustion. My suggestion; make sure you know what the top 3 – 4 priorities are in your life so that you can make the best possible decisions for yourself at this time (and in general).

You may also find that you want to free yourself from certain old issues and emotions at this time. Tolerance for drama and fake issues is at a minimum and this makes it the perfect time for spiritual cleansing as well. All forms of emotional release are particularly effective at this time. Emotional Cord Cuttings and the Isis Healing (healing of the emotional body) are good options if you’re ready to take that cleansing to the next level!

Anyways, as much as I joke about the dread and horror of Mercury being in retrograde motion, this truly is a good time to clear the way for yourself. We all have branches, thickets, obstacles and garbage that hinder easy progress upon our path. Sometimes there are piles of laundry and paperwork in the way too! You’d be surprised at how good it will feel to get this out of your way and how much more energy you’ll have to devote to the things that matter!

So grab your garbage bags, open the closets and drawers and take joy in clearing things away!

Until next time!




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