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Voluntas Spiritus: The Will of Spirit - Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries

Posted by Aleksandra Ceho on September 23, 2015 at 10:25 PM


Hi everyone!


Freaked out about the last of the Blood Moon Eclipses coming up? There’s a lot of hype surrounding it and wherever there’s hype, there are opinions and baseless statements. I’ve seen all sorts of interpretations ranging from doomsday prophecies to the standard call for a greater need for self-love.


I won’t be discussing either of these because they are not entirely relevant to the incoming energy of this lunar eclipse in Aries. I would like to discuss a bit of a higher concept with you as this is the heart of the energy of this lunar eclipse in Aries, also known as the Blood Moon Eclipse.


First of all, let’s get to the basics of this event. The lunar eclipse will be occurring in the sign of Aries on September 27th or 28th (depending on your location in the world). It will also be a Super Moon as well, so the visual phenomena should be spectacular if you choose to take the time to see it which I highly encourage you to do (it is safe on the eyes).


Now as the moon is eclipsed in the sign of Aries, it will be revealing to us where we use our Will and personal force to detriment in our lives. Notice that “Will” is capitalized. This is done with intent. We are not talking about the meagre, unstable aspect of the personality that we call will power, we are talking about a universal force – a force that all of us are capable of wielding with clarity, love and respect.


In a nutshell, Will is a force that either creates or destroys. We wouldn’t be far wrong to link it to the concept of death and rebirth. Sometimes the slate must be cleared so that things can be built anew. Will is the force that sets all other things into motion to bring about creation – the greatest of all gifts bestowed upon humanity. We all bear the ability to create; from products, to food, to the holy act of creating a child – there is no human on this earth who is incapable of creation. We are also capable of destruction. You don’t require me to elaborate on that fact. We’ve all experienced it in one way or another.


What we need to understand about the Will is that in the imbalanced human, wielding the power of the Will creates destruction. We have been gifted with free Will, and we need only look at worldly events to understand how Will can be a destructive force. The key is in understanding that for the person who seeks growth, higher light and wisdom, that destructive phase is much like the pruning of a tree – temporary pain that allows you to reach higher and higher towards the light, resulting in greater purity and a higher perspective. For those who are unwilling to allow some of those branches to be trimmed, Will becomes a misdirected force that has the potential to create destruction beyond one’s own life.


We don’t need to be “spiritual” to connect to that force which we call Will. In fact, there are many people we as spiritual communities judge who were quite adept at the use of Will. Hitler’s ability to destroy almost an entire continent was very much contingent on his ability to wield his Will. We judge those who perpetrate acts of extremism in the Middle East and abroad, the sad truth is that many of them wield more Will than we do here in North America. Sadly, it is misdirected and is ruining many innocent lives.


Will is the greatest of all forces here and we can see how individuals who wield it have the ability to create history. Now coming back to this lunar eclipse in Aries, this energy is highlighting to us where our Will is misdirected and where we have a tendency to get in the way of our own creations.


Stepping back to what I spoke of earlier, Will is the force that sets all other things in motion. Everything has its process and time, this Aries lunar eclipse is trying to illustrate to us where impatience gets the better of us and we try to impress force upon creations in order to speed up their fruition.


Will does not always create instantaneous results – especially where our bigger goals in life are concerned. You may notice that things you’ve been working on suffer at this time, especially if you’ve been pushy or impatient. This can range from new relationships to work projects to buying a house. Cooking something at double the temperature in the hopes it will be finished in half the time just doesn’t work. You only end up burning and scorching your creation. The same thing happens when you apply too much force – you only end up squashing the very thing you’re trying to create.


If you’re having a lot of misfires, errors or outright failures, it’s a definite sign that you need to ease up on the process a little and give everything its due time.


The other half of this energy is in understanding the nature of our Will and seeing if it is alignment with everything else. I want local, home-grown cherries in the winter. I live in Toronto. Mother Nature is laughing up her sleeve at me. She has her own Will and process and I am certainly not going to override her. In this instance, I will accede to her and allow nature to take its course (and make do with cherry flavoured candies instead). How often do our desires conflict with those of other people or the environment that we are in? This lunar eclipse in Aries is also reminding us that we must temper our Will with love and intelligence. And this applies to both ourselves and others. When we don’t love ourselves, of course the things we Will into creation will be destructive!


Aries is always about force and action. If we understand that at the root of it all, we need to balance out our ability to apply force through our actions with love and wisdom then our creations will come out in the highest service. It is in emphasizing self-fulfillment (from the motivation of the negative ego) that we create problems and allow the Will to become destructive to the self and others.


The beautiful thing about Aries is that he is the spiritual warrior who although aggressive and rough in his handling of life, seeks the balance and peace of Libra. He eventually comes into connection with the Higher Self and all of his actions take on higher purpose instead of simply fulfilling the desires of the negative ego.


So here is your challenge for the next 6 months – wield your Will from a place of higher perspective so that it is in service to you and all those around you. Temper that Will with love and intelligence. Allow the process of your creation to unfold on its own timing and of its own accord.


You absolutely have choice in this matter! Do not allow the impatient desires of the negative ego to rule you. That’s about as simple as I can put it. So, go on and patiently create your dreams!

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1 Comment

Reply Helen Peacock
11:54 AM on September 27, 2015 
Thank you my friend for sharing your loving wisdom and knowledge. I'm looking forward to allowing my creations and communications to flow through and unfold on it's own timing and of its own accord. I will patiently wait to see the beautiful Eclipse tonight.

Love & Light
Helen xo