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Conflict Resolution - Mercury Retrograde in Libra September 2015

Posted by Aleksandra Ceho on September 16, 2015 at 1:55 AM




Hi everyone!


Good news! Mercury is in retrograde motion! Yes, I can see that dead faced stare you’re mentally directing at me right now. Remember that this is a time of personal alchemy. It’s time to see how well you’ve mastered your mind and speech as a tool (because that is precisely what the mind is after all!)


So starting September 17th, 2015 Mercury will be retrograde in the sign of Libra. He generally likes it there, it’s an air sign and as part of the airy triplicity, Mercury feels quite comfortable. While he’s in retrograde motion, you may notice a few things:


1) You suffer from analysis paralysis – considering your options so frequently that you cannot make a decision

2) The synergy and mutual understanding that you normally have in your relationships has been turned off – simply guessing what others are trying to say based on your experience with them just gets you in trouble

3) Conflicts that you normally do your best to stay out of demand attention – you are forced to make a resolution instead of avoiding the issue altogether


When Mercury is in Libra, he can be a bit of a pushover and while he is retrograde in this sign, he may illustrate exactly where we ourselves can be pushovers too. The truth of the matter is that many of us want to be liked by others and so point #3 is often a habit we develop in the hopes that we gain favour from our friends, family and others. We avoid arguments not because we care about others or don’t have an issue, but because we want to be liked. In actuality, we have issues and we’d rather swallow those issues in exchange for the regard of others. While Mercury is retrograde in Libra, we will be forced to resolve those conflicts that we would normally avoid through retreat and silence.


For those of us who aren’t so good at conflict resolution, this retrograde period may be difficult. Libra is one of the signs that governs over the Law of Right Human Relationships and if we have to avoid conflict in order to maintain a relationship, then there truly is no relationship to begin with. Mercury is said to be a fourth ray planet, the fourth ray being “Harmony through Conflict”. Conflict is inherent in relationships so long as we remain human. It helps us to understand our misconceptions and gain deeper understanding of ourselves and others. Conflict resolution helps us to bridge those differences in perception and form a stronger bond.


Now points #1 and 2 have more to do with the mental aspect of what is happening while Mercury is retrograde in Libra. We over-think and over-analyze; especially when we need to make a decision. In relation to communication, this retrograde period will force us to really LISTEN to what people are saying. In our established relationships, there is a mutual understanding that occurs with time. Often that mutual understanding is based on certain perceptions that may or may not be in alignment with who that person is right now. We hear our children speaking and we still think of (and hear) a grade school child when they’re teenagers or even adults in actuality.


Mercury is challenging us to really listen to what others are saying and to avoid over-analyzing and placing our own preconceived notions on what is actually being said. The goal is to become a focussed, compassionate listener. Can you do that?


When it comes to analysis-paralysis, we need to make note of Hick’s Law which in essence tells us that decision making time is increased as a direct result of an increased number of options to choose from. When Mercury is retrograde in Libra, the number of options increases because we become less discerning and more open to possibilities that fit. If you’re in a brainstorming mode or need to think outside of the box, this is great! Dream away! If you need to make a decision, or worse yet – a quick decision; you may find your mind wandering from one option to the next, desperately attempting to choose the best selection.


If you’re having this sort of trouble, keep things simple! Is this solution:


a) Able to accomplish what you need?

b) Easily accessed, resourced or done?

c) Dealing with the actual problem or is it a band-aid solution?


These three questions alone should help you to separate the wheat from the chaff and make quicker decisions. Mercury is not at his most practical in Libra and so being more exacting of your needs will help you to make quicker decisions.


All in all, I have to say that while a lot of this may not sound particularly fun, this will be a gentler period of Mercury’s retrograde motion. If you’re opening your ears, being clear on what you need and willing to resolve conflicts as they come along, this should be little more than a hiccup. October 9th will come along and Mercury will resume his usual motion throughout the skies.


If you’re having difficulty with this, I encourage you to reach out to me! I offer a number of tools that may assist you and provide you with the perspective you need to heal and make positive changes.


In the meantime, all the best to you (and your mind) during Mercury’s retrograde voyage!





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