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Pisces Super Moon: Quan Yin and the Need for Forgiveness

Posted by Aleksandra Ceho on August 29, 2015 at 9:55 AM

Hi everyone!

The Pisces Super Moon is upon us and so I wanted to take a moment to tune in with you and give you some perspective on this powerful event.

While the Full Moon tenants Pisces, her emotional nature deepens and being a Super Moon, her magnetic pull and effect on our emotions is stronger than normal. The Moon reaches her fullness on August 29th and so in the days leading up to this and the days following, you may notice that your emotions blown out of proportion compared to the situations that trigger them. Pisces is the deepest of waters and during this Full Moon it is up to you how clear and how light those depths are.

This Super Moon is encouraging us to become more loving, compassionate people and heal the wounds deep in our hearts. As this Super Moon drags up the darkest parts of pain and sadness in our hearts, this can be a time of depression or it can be a time of healing and moving on.

As the Moon is conjunct with the currently retrograde Neptune (the exoteric ruler of Pisces), you notice yourself revisiting past circumstances and memories of pain or victimhood. This nostalgia can bring up new waves of pain for us to deal with – the key is not to attach yourself to those circumstances anymore. Remember that the past is the past and that you are free of the circumstances that have caused past wounding. You may want to pin blame on others – remember that to do so is a step backwards in your healing process. Your goal right now is release and freedom from the bonds of suffering and attachment.

More than anything at this time, we need compassion – compassion for ourselves and the compassion to forgive others for past pain and sorrow. As the Bodhisattva of Compassion, Quan Yin is one of the Goddesses that we can turn to at this time to assist us in cultivating, the forgiveness, love and compassion we need to make the most of these healing energies.

Thus, I have prepared a small prayer and ceremony that you can do to call down her assistance. I will be taking the time to do this myself tomorrow evening, and I encourage you to do the same. Even if you only write out a Forgiveness List (see instructions below), it will be a step forward in your healing process.

Thus I will leave you to it! Many Blessings!


You will need the following:

- Paper (preferably parchment paper)

- Pen or pencil

- Stone large enough to sink in water

- String

This is best done in front of a large body of water. For those of us in Toronto, the Lake Ontario will work out quite nicely. For those of you who are not so close to a large body of water, if there is a creek or river close by, it will do.

1) Write out a Forgiveness List. On it, you will list all people and circumstances that you want to forgive and release. You will also forgive yourself for your role in each circumstance as well. For example:

“I forgive So-and-so for pushing me and calling me names in grade school.”

“I forgive myself for not standing up and putting an end to the name-calling.”

2) Fold up your Forgiveness List and tie it securely to the stone.

3) State the following prayer to the Goddess Quan Yin:


Mother of pearl, mother of dragons

Mother of love and mother of compassion

Strength and wisdom, bringing peace to the fore

Love and healing, she provides to the soul's core

Bring softness and stillness to a tender heart

May sadness, sorrow and pain swiftly depart

Bring light, bring love and your gentle care

May your loving arms lift us out of despair

From the deepest depths of hearts and seas

We ask you oh Goddess, to honour our pleas

We await your presence with awe and wonder

As we seek you out with humility and honour

4) Offer your own personal prayer to Quan Yin and toss the stone with the Forgiveness List into the water – visualizing or feeling that forgiveness make its way into the depths of your heart.

5) Take 10 to 15 minutes of personal reflection or meditation to connect with Quan Yin.


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