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Expansion, responsibility, joy and fear - Jupiter square Saturn

Posted by Aleksandra Ceho on August 5, 2015 at 12:50 AM

This lovely image is the work of Mijity on Deviant Art. Zeus battling Kronos is a classic!

Hi everyone!

Blessings be this August! I hope that you are all well!

I wanted to take a moment and fill you in on a pretty major event that is currently happening at the moment. For those of you unaware, Jupiter and Saturn have moved to square off against one another in what some have termed “the battle of the Gods” for the next week. I assure you, this event is not so serious as that, however it will bring up aspects of ourselves that need a little loving attention at the moment.

Since we we’re using the theme of the Gods, let’s take a look at this line-up that we have at the moment. Jupiter is located in the sign of Leo at the moment. Meanwhile, Saturn is located in Scorpio.

So; in the blue corner, weighing in at a combined total of too much self-indulgence, we have the bright, the creative, the divine warriors Zeus and Apollo!!!

In the red corner, this pair threatened me with my life if I tried to weigh them - we have the somber, the serious, the responsible heavy-hitters Kronos and Hades!!!

And your ring girl for this evening is Venus!!! (We’ll get back to her later)

This event has been sponsored by and is dedicated to Emu. Random, I know. Don't ask.

So now, we’ve set the stage. And while I joke, I’m certain you can see the picture I’m beginning to paint here. While these Gods are actual beings, they also represent aspects of ourselves. Archetypes that we house within and at the current moment, two of these archetypes are creating some tension.

Jupiter in Leo represents the lighter, more joyful substance of ourselves. This is the aspect of self that wants to have fun, be creative, explore and most importantly take risks – personally and professionally. Saturn in Scorpio represents that aspect of self that is cautious, sober and takes safety and foundation seriously. The tension that these two are creating pits the expansive and cautious natures that we have against each other.

So the question while these two are squaring off is: can you balance your desire for growth and risk with your responsibilities and practical needs? If you’re suddenly struck by the need to run off and start your own business, buy a house or home (both Jupiter and Saturn deal with real estate), or make a sudden career change, you need to ask yourself if this is a chance that you can sustain over a long period.

You’ll probably have many great ideas and inklings of joyful ways that you can grow and evolve. The only thing to be wary of is that growth may get to your head and glorification of the self above your responsibilities and over-all well being can occur if you allow Jupiter to swell your head excessively. For others, this be a time highlighting just how paralyzing your need for safety and foundation can be. If you have a fear of the future, a fear of the unknown or any issues regarding risk and impulsive action, this may be a painful time as beautiful options of growth present themselves. If that Saturnian nature is too dominant, you may miss out on opportunities that call to your heart.

So we’re on break waiting to begin round twelve and the score cards are even. This absolutely begs the question – who’s going to win?

Well look at that! The ring girl Venus has appeared in Zeus and Apollo’s corner and is cheering them on! The bell has rung and Zeus appears to be rejuvenated by Venus’ charms!

Now while Jupiter and Saturn are at odds, we can’t forget that Venus is in retrograde motion and is currently backpedalling her way towards conjunction with Zeus. As I wrote in the article on Venus retrograde, Venus is asking us to become a physical representation of the qualities that we most value in ourselves. She is really encouraging us to show our divinity in a physical way. As she moves into union with Jupiter, the joy and light that these two bring (especially while in Leo) encourage us to live life in alignment with our highest joy and potential. It’s always a celebration whenever Jupiter and Venus get together in the skies!

So to return to our fight:

Zeus has stepped it up! Apollo is on the side cheering his teammate on! Zeus appears to be dominating the round, but will it be enough to attain the title belt?

Only you - you who are the judge can decide. Perhaps you give the scorecard to Zeus and Apollo and wholeheartedly embrace your growth. Perhaps Kronos and Hades fixed the fight and you struggle with embracing those opportunities that call to your heart. Or perhaps, just perhaps – you can acknowledge the merits of both contenders and grow sustainably and responsibly.

But again, you are the judge…and the winner is for you to decide.

I’ll be calling it a draw myself.

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