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We all are at times overcome inexplicably by certain energies and emotions. As the astrological energies pour down onto the earth, we tend to subconsciously perceive and act upon them!


So if you're not sure why you feel as you do or want to be in the know so you can take advantage of these energies, then read on...I guarantee you won't be disappointed!


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The Dark Side of Aquarius - Aquarius Blue Moon July 2015

Posted by Aleksandra Ceho on July 31, 2015 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (1)

Hi everyone!


Are you ready for the Blue Aquarius Moon tomorrow tonight? Well, ready or not it is on its way!


So events leading up to this Full Moon have proven particularly illustrative of the energy of this Blue Moon and I will be very real with you and admit that I was highly resistant in writing this piece as I myself felt like I was being swept up in the theme that is currently permeating the collective consciousness.


I have no doubt that many of you are aware of the events of the previous few days that have to do with the hunting and slaying of a lion who goes by the name Cecil in Zimbabwe. If you are unaware, ask a close friend for the facts (and the facts only, there are too many opinions floating out there). For those of you familiar with the situation, you will understand the energy of this Blue Moon through observation of the reaction to this event.


Funny enough, this event which really coalesced 3 days prior to the full moon (when the full moon's energies start to become potent) and involves 2 main things: lions and activism. For those of you who are unaware, this blue moon is in the sign of Aquarius while the Sun is located in the sign of Leo. Aquarius and Leo respectively deal with or are symbolized by activism and lions. Coincidence?


I think not!


Now, the energy of this blue moon is sourcing from astrological energies that are not ideal (to put it nicely). Without going into too much detail, we have a cycle of energy involving the Moon, Saturn and Mars who happen to be occupying each other's signs. The source involves Mars in Cancer who is at his worst in this sign. Mars in Cancer is prone to emotional, destructive outbursts and as the source of this blue moon, it provides an unstable, overly-emotional foundation.


With that being said, the Aquarius blue moon delves deep into the realm of the collective consciousness and is truly bringing up issues with:


A) intolerance of people/activities we deem to be immoral

B) Reactionary resistance and zealotry

C) The power of emotion and its ability to block out logic


So I would like to present events related to this lion hunt for you to consider in relation to this theme. I present to you only facts and phrases written by others that I have personally witnessed myself via Facebook. This is not a judgment, but a potent example of how both astrology and the collective consciousness can dominate the thoughts and experiences of millions of people.


So in retaliation for this slaying, people sought out to determine who the "evil hunter" was and discovered it to be a man from Minnesota. His identity, business and phone number were spread via the internet to millions of people. His business was attacked via Facebook and yelp (and several were calling for a lynching in person). I saw people I personally know, people who want to make the world a better place boast of having called his number and leaving death threats. The commentary and thoughts that millions of people directed to this man (and his family) went far above and beyond what his actions called for. Millions of people directed their anger and hatred at one man and actively sought out to punish him. This is the dark side of Aquarius - inhumanly using zealotry and fanaticism to accomplish "moral righteousness".


The emotional energy surrounding this one event spiralled out of control. Millions of people attacked one man, forgetting that this man has a family and that they too would suffer with him. The emotional reactivity to the situation is so bad that millions of people failed to see the real problem: so long as war, starvation and poverty exist, people will continue to accept money for activities that pay, moral or immoral. Imagine if those millions of people had directed that energy at changing the conditions which allow hunting businesses in Africa to thrive. 8,493 children under the age of 5 starved to death today. Nobody was able to see through their "righteous anger" to the layer of the problem that is deeper, vaster and more complex. Instead, we applaud army veterans who are going to Africa to "hunt the poachers".


Hasn't anyone figured out yet that using old ways to get rid of old ways only leaves you with the old ways? It's like the Salem Witch Trials all over again!


If you're noticing that you are succumbing to thoughts or behaviour along these lines, disengage. Take a moment, look up at that full moon in the sky and tell her the positive ways you want to help. Ask for more of her compassionate nature so that you may nurture the best of others. And for goodness' sake, have no opinion! There is undeviating justice in this world, but it is not for us to personally dish out.


So during this Blue Moon in Aquarius, I strongly encourage you to be mindful of what you send into the collective consciousness. There's enough zealotry, fanaticism, intolerance and bigotry out there. For those of us who are aware and hold the capability to shift ourselves (and those around us) out of this dark side of Aquarius, let's do it! Let's be true humanitarians and activists.


I would like to leave you with the esoteric keynote for Aquarius that we may embody its more positive qualities:


Water of life am I, poured forth for thirsty men.


May I continue to be in service to you and others in this world,




Presence and Presents - Venus Retrograde 2015

Posted by Aleksandra Ceho on July 19, 2015 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Looking in the mirror isn't just about our superficial qualities!

Hi everyone!

So as some of you may already be aware, Venus is moving into retrograde motion starting July 25th. I have had a number of people messaging me and asking what this is all about, worried that it will have a drastic effect on their relationships. Fear not my friends! This particular retrograde cycle of Venus' is more geared towards us as individuals and is encouraging us to learn how to find joy in sustainable ways.

So to give you a general outline, Venus is in retrograde motion from July 25th to September 5th 2015. From July 25th to August 1st, Venus will be sitting right in the very first degree of Virgo. From August 2nd to September 5th she will spend the rest of her retrograde period in the court of Leo before resuming normal motion once again.

For the first period lasting until August 1st, you may find yourself feeling more picky and critical than you normally would. Venus does not fare well in the sign of Virgo (she is said to be in her fall) and your ability to release stress may be hindered at this time. Venus is of an easy-going and passionate disposition. Virgo is structured, demanding and critical by comparison and so you may notice that things need to be "just so" before you can relax or you may become picky or dissatisfied with food or products that you otherwise normally enjoy. Remember that this only lasts a week before Venus shifts over into more friendly territory. Just breathe and try not to get worked up over the small things. If something is not to your liking, do say your piece; just be nice about it. Snarky words don't go over well with anyone at this time.

Starting August 2nd, Venus shifts a step back into Leo and will remain there for the rest of her retrograde period ending September 5th. It is here that she becomes more gentle and encourages us to look at a few key aspects in regards to our own joy.

To begin with, both Venus and Leo govern over the arts and creative expression. For all the artists out there, get wild and get inspired! For the rest of us, this is a time to reflect on the authenticity and creativity of our own expression. Are my expressions an accurate reflection of who I am and what I think and feel? Am I satisfied with the images, sounds, feelings and energy of what I express or are there more creative ways to get my point across? Some of us may come to the conclusion that the way we dress, speak or represent ourselves is actually misleading or an inaccurate representation of who we really are.

Are you reflecting what's really inside?

Venus is asking us at this time to become aware of the God or Goddess within and to be a physical embodiment of that. This doesn't mean we all have to start walking around wearing gemstone jewelry, leather cuffs and peacock feathers, but it encourages us to reflect on how we can physically represent the qualities that we most value that come from within. Beauty comes from emanating those qualities and it doesn't matter what you choose! Kindness, intelligence, strength, courage, humour, wisdom, passion and the list goes on!

If you really haven't explored that aspect of yourself, I encourage you to get acquainted with it now! There is strength and beauty in truly knowing yourself and this is exactly what Venus is asking you to step into! Give yourself the gift of true presence and if that requires a few aesthetic gifts to yourself, there's nothing wrong with that!

Now as a Goddess of leisure, Venus and Leo are also encouraging us to look into the pleasurable activities of life. Perhaps my first question is; are you doing anything to bring joy into your life on a regular basis? Many of us are not engaging in activities that bring joy. Some of us don't even laugh on a daily basis. Whether we are engaging in pleasurable activities or not, this retrograde periods requires us to make sure that a few things are being accomplished:

1) These activities bring us true joy and happiness

2) These activities are sustainable physically, emotionally, mentally and financially

Retail therapy and beautiful clothes may bring temporary happiness, but these also prove themselves to be empty and unsustainable methods over the long term. Gambling may bring excitement and an adrenaline rush, but also proves destructive over the long haul. We may take joy in social activities but a regular shortage of sleep may take a physical toll. These examples being given, just make sure that you have joy in your life and that it is sustainable. If it is not, Venus will be the first to show you that at this time.

Lastly, on the relationship front, (Venus is the Goddess of relationships after all) Venus wants us to consider who we keep around us and what kind of people we want to be surrounded by. Leo deals primarily with friends and family and so this retrograde period shifts the focus away from romantic relationships for the most part.

In dealing with friends and family, issues or patterns may emerge. Perhaps you've been ignoring the important people in favour of work or vice versa. Maybe you've been dependent on your friends and family for physical or emotional comfort. Ultimately, it is a time to ask yourself who is part of your circle and are we all bringing what we need and desire into this circle? Some of us may even question the size of the circle. Leo governs over children and the procreation process so if you find yourself contemplating starting a family or how that vision would look, don't be surprised.

All in all, Venus is asking us to bring only the best to our relationships and have that be returned. Ultimately, the best is us with all of our glorious qualities sharing in the joy the we both cultivate and receive from others.

To keep things simple, here is what to do during Venus' retrograde period:

1) delve your way into the deepest core and qualities of who you are

2) Become the living embodiment of the qualities that you are

3) Create sustainable joy in your life

4) Make sure that you and your friends/family bring only the best into your circle

So, have presence and give yourself presents!

Many blessings to you all,


No time for moping - Cancer New Moon July 2015

Posted by Aleksandra Ceho on July 14, 2015 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi everyone!

I hope that this summer is faring well for all of you and that you are enjoying your time as much as I am! I have returned from the paradise that is Mount Fuji (but I will be returning there again in September!)

There is much going on but I wanted to take a moment to encourage you to tune in to the Cancer New Moon on Wednesday July 15th. The New Moon is always a time of rebirth and of coming out of your shell to engage the world and when the Moon is reborn in her own sign (Cancer) this rebirth is especially more potent!

Whenever the Moon is in Cancer, sensitivity and emotions rule. We become more aware of our emotions and sometimes we are less able to control or repress them. If you’ve been holding back stress or tears, this is a safe time to have a good cry and release that pressure from your system. As it is the New Moon, any emotions that you have been constricting for the past month need to be released so that you can begin a brand new cycle of revelation from an unbiased position.

Something to contemplate around this time is how to make sure that your environment is something positive, supportive and nurturing towards your purpose and joy. Cancer teaches us very important lessons about our foundation and how that foundation can either nurture or hinder us. As the Hermit Crab, remember that Cancer is literally the only Zodiac sign to carry its home on its back! If the Hermit Crab’s shell is lightweight, roomy and comfortable, he is sure to prosper! On the other hand if that same shell is too heavy or constrictive, the Crab will not have the strength or energy necessary to handle that same foundation.

Also, as the archetypal Mother energies, both the Moon and Cancer impart a giving nature that sometimes is not open to receiving the same kindness in return. For many people, receiving kindness can be awkward or even embarrassing. When the New Moon is in Cancer however, this is the perfect time to make a step in shifting that kind of behavior. Allow yourself to be cared for by others at this time! A meal, a massage or even a good hug can help recharge your batteries at this time! Remember that the loved ones around you are part of your foundation. The solidity of this foundation is improved by the exchange of care and affection from all parties!

So in your own foundation and relationships, I strongly suggest contemplating the following questions for at least a half hour so that you can take action this month to make the changes that will only improve your foundation:

1) Am I able to rest, relax and recharge in my home environment? Are there changes that I can make to my home that will better allow me to feel at peace?

2) Are my closest relationships supporting/nurturing me, my goals and my growth (spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically)?

3) Am I receiving as much support as I give to others? Are there any adjustments I need to make in how much energy I contribute to my relationships with others versus my relationship to self?

4) Is my work environment supportive of the job I need to do and my growth or progression in my field? Are there adjustments I can make or is there support I can receive that will allow my work to flow more smoothly?

And don’t forget, taking action on your feelings is important too! Cancer may be an emotional sign, but Cancer is a Cardinal sign as well and doesn’t hesitate to take steps forward!

So remember; moping is not an option! Observe, feel, discern and take action!

Until next time my friends!


p.s. If you do notice that you're struggling with this New Moon on an emotional level, it can be an indication that there is some emotional baggage that needs to be addressed. I encourage you to get in touch with me if that is the case. I am happy to refer you to services offered by myself or others (depending on your location) so that you can receive the clarity and healing you need.


Champion your Warrior Spirit - Mars Out of Bounds July 2015

Posted by Aleksandra Ceho on June 25, 2015 at 2:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi Everyone!

I hope that all is well and you’re enjoying our official emergence into the summer! The sun is out, the birds are singing, and all of us are stepping forward into the light of day to partake of joy and fun.

I am currently writing to you from Japan where I am preparing to head to Mount Fuji to join the teaching team for the Warriors of Light program. It will be 5 days of working with chi energy, the four elements, and martial arts in order to cultivate that warrior spirit within! I am honoured to be sharing these teachings in Japan and look forward to also teaching this class in Toronto in August.

So on the topic of the warrior spirit, I wanted to take some time to talk about Mars; the God of War. At the moment, he is Out of Bounds (OOB) and has just transitioned into the sign of Cancer. Mars will be OOB until July 16th and will leave the sign of Cancer on August 8th. Now, this presents an interesting picture because whenever any planet is OOB, it is said to be on steroids and the area of life it governs over becomes more pronounced and intense. The God of War (Mars) on steroids brings added intensity to the planet which governs over it to begin with!

When Mars is OOB, conflict, aggression, passion and initiative or the ability to take action tend to emerge as dominant themes in our lives. It is not uncommon to be easily triggered into negative emotions at this time or to pick quarrels. There is excessive Mars energy floating around out there and for those of us who are not used to managing his energy, sometimes these OOB periods can result in a more aggressive, fiery version of ourselves. If we have any issues with being assertive, decisive and taking action then this period will really be a trial by fire. For those of us who have a good relationship with Mars and are able to manage our drive, passion and assertiveness, this period will simply be nothing more than a time where we have extra energy to engage those activities and goals that are important to us.

If you’re feeling the heat so to speak, one suggestion I would give is to get yourself to the gym. If you go, be prepared to work HARD. Channel that extra Mars energy into your workouts and you’ll find that things (especially relationships) will smooth out now that you’ve given that aggression an outlet.

Now the other thing we have to consider is that Mars is in Cancer. Mars doesn’t do well in Cancer…in fact he’s said to be in a fallen state when tenanting this sign. The instinctual nature of Cancer puts Mars in a reactive state and the Cancer’s focus on the home does not jive well with Mars who is continually looking to conquer new heights. So even when Mars moves back within bounds, you may notice that reactive behavior cropping up here and there, especially if you are feeling stifled or barred from pursuing an object of interest to you. If this is the case, realize that your own fire energy needs to expand beyond its current and find a safe outlet for that (a project, a journal, physical activity, etc.). That will save you from burning those you love and are closest to you.

This is also a wonderful time to look at what instinctual behaviours are floating beneath your conscious actions. Do you notice any territorial, possessive, clingy, smothering or indulgent behaviours? If so, take the appropriate steps needed to root out those behaviours. Counseling, therapy, and energy healing are all highly effective at this time! Top three I would recommend at this time are: the Life Activation, Etheric Reconstruction or the Kabbalistic Healing. Message me if you want more info on any of these or want to find a local practitioner if you’re not located in or near Toronto.

In the meantime, try and take advantage of the extra drive and passion if you can! If you’ve got things to do, do them and keep your gaze directed ahead of you. Don’t let petty squabbles, instincts and fear prevent you from embodying that warrior within and don’t let them stop you from accomplishing great things! Master your drive and proceed to new heights!

Until next time fellow warriors of life!



The Legend of the Dioscuri - the Twins of Gemini

Posted by Aleksandra Ceho on June 9, 2015 at 1:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Zeus in the form of a swan and the birth of Leda's children: Castor, Pollux, Clytemnestra and Helen.

Hi everyone!

I hope that all is well! It is Gemini season and as perhaps one of the most stereotyped signs, I wanted to take a moment to share the legend of the Dioscuri – the twins who were honoured by the creation of the Gemini constellation.

The Dioscuri were the twin sons of the King and Queen of Sparta; Tyndareus and Leda. Well, they were the children of this royal couple, but their lineage had a surprise little twist. Zeus, the King of the Gods was quite taken with the beautiful Queen of Sparta and so he appeared to her as a swan. In this form of the swan he managed to seduce the beautiful Leda not knowing that she was already pregnant with twins, children of her husband King Tyndareus.

Leda eventually gave birth to two sets of twins; two were the children of King Tyndareus and two were the children of Zeus. Leda gave birth to them in the form of swan eggs; one egg revealing Castor and Clytemnestra, the son and daughter of King Tyndareus and the other egg revealing Pollux and Helen, the son and daughter of Zeus.

Castor and Pollux, the twin brothers grew up as the inseparable brothers of the royal couple. Castor excelled at horsemanship and was said to be able to communicate with any animal. Pollux was the best boxer in all of Greece, the undefeated champion. They were later honoured as Gods for their legendary skills in horsemanship, athletics and were also known as the guardians of ships and sailors. St. Elmo’s fire, an electrical phenomenon that often occurs during storms was believed to be an omen of their protection.

An ancient vase painting of Castor and Pollux

Castor and Pollux accompanied Jason and the Argonauts on their journey to obtain the legendary Golden Fleece. Pollux proved his mettle as a boxer by defeating the savage King of Bebryces and on the journey home, when the ship was being rocked by a storm, the Argonaut Orpheus prayed to the Gods for safe passage. As he prayed and played his harp, lights began to shine over the heads of Castor and Pollux. It was for this reason that they came to be the patrons of travelers and sailors.

They were also present for the rescue of their sister who came to be known as Helen of Troy. They accompanied Odysseus in the infamous Trojan Horse and participated in the sacking of the city. Their adventures came to an end when they attempted to steal or raid the cattle of their cousins Idas and Lynceus who were often believed to be related to or the sons of the god of war Ares. Idas and Lynceus caught Castor and Pollux in the act and a fight ensued. Castor was killed by Idas and in rage, Pollux killed Lynceus. Zeus happened to be looking upon the ensuing fight and hurled a thunderbolt at Idas, ending his life as well.

Pollux was distraught and heartbroken at the idea of being separated from his brother. He pleaded with Zeus to spare his brother from the horrible fate of going to Hades. In despair, he even offered to share his immortality with Castor. Zeus was so impressed by the brothers’ dedication to each other that he accepted Pollux’s offer. From then on, the brothers shared their fate, alternating days in Hades and on Mount Olympus together. To honour their love for one another, Zeus created the constellation of Gemini and to this day, its brightest stars are known as Castor and Pollux.

The spirit of adventure (and mischief), the gifts of communication and travel, as well as brotherly love are the main qualities of those who fall under the guidance of this constellation. Castor and Pollux are the archetypes of service and sacrifice that underlie the true meaning of Gemini on an esoteric level. This is the sign of mischief and communication, but those who fall in line with this energy also have a deep love for humanity at heart.

Their legend represents the way in which all of humanity grows. It is only in reaching down from above that we raise others up and it is for this reason that Gemini is the sign that is uniquely linked to the progression of humanity.

In that spirit, take a moment and reach your hand out to pull someone up today. Let the brotherly spirit of Gemini inspire you to service…and maybe a touch of mischief as well!

Until next time!



Return of the Christ Consciousness - Sagittarius Full Moon June 2015

Posted by Aleksandra Ceho on June 1, 2015 at 10:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi everyone!


Blessings to you for the month of June! I just wanted to take a few minutes to write about the Sagittarius Full Moon tomorrow, June 2nd. In Esoteric Astrology, this particular Full moon is very special and is known also as World Invocation Day.


As many of you know, the previous Full Moon (in Scorpio) is known as Wesak and honours the birth, death and illumination of Gautama Buddha. It is said that the Buddha returns to the Earth and brings that illumination with him. On World Invocation Day, which is the day of the Sagittarius Full Moon, we honour the return of the Christ as he brings the energies of love, service and compassion to the planet.


If we take a step back and look at things, we can come to understand why this day is so important. In Esoteric Astrology, Alice Bailey talks about the center of the Universe (also known as the Great Central Sun (GCS) being located within the sign of the Archer. As the source of our Universe, the GCS is the source of the Love of God which sustains us. As the line of Gemini and Sagittarius is connected to the GCS, human love and spiritual progression is directly tied to these signs.


On the day of the Sagittarius Full Moon, there is a planetary alignment that puts us in contact with our own origin and with the Love of God that sustains us. The Earth and Moon are closest to the GCS on this day with the Sun being in alignment on the otherwise with Gemini. This Full Moon is the day where we can connect in to the Christ within us. Remember that the word Christ in this set of teachings is understood to be 'soul'. This is the day to connect in to your own origin, your own source so that you can understand your own path, your own purpose and ultimately come to know yourself better as a spiritual being.


As I mentioned above, this is also the day in which Jesus the Christ returns to the Earth bringing greater love, compassion and the desire to serve others. This is a day in which we can transcend our judgment of others and see the, for who they truly are; fellow travellers upon the path of life. In the spirit of this day of universal love and service, Alice Bailey provided us with a prayer that is meant to help us connect to the energy of this special day. This prayer is spoken by thousands of people all over the world and helps to anchor this peace and compassion for one another. I encourage you to take a moment in silent contemplation today and read this prayer once or several times and pray for the return of love to all the inhabitants of Earth.


What also amplifies the power of this day is the additional alignment of the Royal Stars with this particular Full Moon. With the Earth and Moon aligning with Antares (the star of Archangel Uriel) and the Sun aligning with Aldebaran (the star of Archangel Michael), this is truly a time of compassionate action. As both of these Archangels are associated with battle, they remind us that we need to fight injustice in a strong but compassionate manner.


Normally, I would post about the personal effects of the Full Moon and how to work with its energies. The power of this day and the desperate need for compassion however lead me in asking fellow light-seekers to participate in cultivating and anchoring this compassion for the world. Please take a few moments of your day to bring something powerful and positive to this world and I ask that you share this with others that they may do so as well.


The Great Invocation is listed for you below. Many blessings to you on this Full Moon and don't forget to stay tuned in for the rest of June's forecast!




The Great Invocation

By Alice A. Bailey

From the point of Light within the Mind of God

Let light stream forth into the minds of men.

Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God

Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.

May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known

Let purpose guide the little wills of men –

The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.


Air: the element of the mind, communication and relation - Part 1

Posted by Aleksandra Ceho on May 25, 2015 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi everyone!

How fare all of my lovely online friends? I hope that all is well, and that you are managing to keep your mind and words clear in this time of Mercury’s retrograde trials! Considering that we are now in what I like to call Gemini season, I wanted to take the time to share more information with you about the element of air, as it is the element assigned to Gemini and is truly one of the elements that many of us need to heal our relationship with. In this first piece, I will introduce the element of air in its energetic components. The second piece of this post will discuss the balance and quality of air energies in your own chart, and how to acquire greater balance and quality of this wonderful element.

Of all the elements, air is probably the element that we take for granted the most. The reason I say this is because air is so intrinsic and such a vital part of our physical lives that the option of being without it does not exist until we actually experience a lack of breath for whatever reason. We never appreciate air until we are out of it…and if you haven’t appreciated air in a while, run up a few flights of stairs. I guarantee you’ll love the feeling of oxygen filling your lungs afterwards!

Air is ever present and its presence is what gives us life. In the beginning, God spoke the word and that word gave us form, but God’s breath is what gave us life. Now in astrology, air is not just the physical air that we breathe, it symbolically represents other things: the mind, intellect, communication, relationships and the soul. Just as we ceaselessly breathe, so do we ceaselessly think, communicate and relate. In fact, none of these processes ever stops! And our lack of understanding of these processes can be rather frustrating to say the least!

In astrology, these levels of communication and relation are illustrated and governed over by the three air signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. As the leader of the airy triplicity, Gemini governs over these processes in general, but more specifically deals with the relation and communication processes between all aspects of the self. Gemini is the intermediary between the physical body and lower (logical) mind in relation to the soul, as well as being the intermediary between the soul and spirit. Physically, Gemini rules over the nervous system, the intermediary between the brain and the rest of the body. Essentially, Gemini governs over the communication and relation processes that deal with all parts of what we would call the self and are internal. In Gemini, these processes are also extended to those who we first learn to communicate with and are closest to the self, family, siblings and close relations.

In Libra, the processes of communication and relation are extended out to friends, business partners and lovers. We also begin to see our own relation to non-human entities such as governments, the law and karma. The communication and relation skills that were initially developed in Gemini now take on more sophistication and deeper complexity. In Aquarius, we move beyond the personal and begin to relate to society and the groups within society as a whole. On an energetic level, we relate and communicate with what we call the collective consciousness of humanity and the Higher Mind of God. So the airy triplicity in essence governs over our ability to perceive, communicate and interact with the world on various levels, from intra-personal to impersonal. That being said, each of these three signs holds within it a key lesson that we must learn so that our relationships do not become distorted.

1) In Gemini, we come to realize that we are not our body or our thoughts and we make first contact with our true individuality.

2) In Libra, we come to realize that we are not our loved ones and learn to maintain our individuality in personal relationships.

3) In Aquarius, we come to realize that we are not the boxes society labels us with and we learn to maintain our individuality within groups and society at large.

As we come into greater mastery of our ability to relate to our true self, we become increasingly better at relating to others in empowering ways. This is the key that air holds. It is the intermediary that fills the space between two vessels. Your mind is the space between your current consciousness and higher consciousness and as such is governed over by the element of air. The stronger and clearer your connection to air, the stronger and clearer your connection to your soul and spirit will be.

In the next post, we will take this concept of consciousness, communication and relation and discuss it in terms of how the balance and quality of air in your own energy field and astrological chart can affect you and how you bring greater balance and higher quality to this element in your life.

Until then, may you partake of only the purest air!



Check your facts - Mercury Retrograde in Gemini May/June 2015

Posted by Aleksandra Ceho on May 20, 2015 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi everyone!

I have a piece of horrible news…Mercury is retrograde as we speak! Take cover, break out the emergency supplies and shut down all communications systems!

As you all know I’m just kidding, Mercury’s retrograde periods are not the coming of the Armageddon, although some people would have you think that. Yes, Mercury is in retrograde motion in the sign of Gemini (his own sign) until June 11th and as I mentioned earlier, this is not the time for gossip. While you may have no intention of gossiping, this is a time to be careful of what you say because word will be travelling faster than normal at this time.

Gemini governs over communication, friendships and the spread of information. When Mercury is in retrograde motion in his own sign, these aspects can become a little more difficult to handle at this time. That being said, how often do we check the accuracy of information that we speak of or spread? There are many satire websites that post articles that sound authentic. There are thousands of websites written by people with good intentions that post information that has not been tested or verified. Even worse, there are websites that intentionally mislead and misrepresent information for their own agenda. So as Abraham Lincoln entreats us to consider below, how often do we verify the information that we spread?

(A joke in case you missed it...)

With Mercury in retrograde motion here, we need to verify what is coming out of our mouths and what is being posted on our Facebook walls. That being said, we also need to verify information before we act on it. Whether you found an advertisement from last week’s sale, or a helpful friend told you about some process of application, make sure you get the information you need to ensure that things flow the way you desire.

On the other hand, you may experience this retrograde period via external manifestations. You may notice that everyone of your acquaintance is gravitating towards you with gossip or strange information. As long as you do your best to refrain from engaging in the worst of social habits (gossip), this influence should for the most part be uneventful. If this is a personal weakness, then this could be time filled with drama.

Lastly, on a more physical scale, just as Mercury was Out of Bounds earlier, this retrograde period can also be a time where the body’s timing is off, mostly due to higher levels of mental activity. It’s important to stay grounded and pay attention to what you’re doing at this time. These higher periods of mental activity can lead to things like stuttering or speech problems, clumsiness or drifting off while in the process of repetitive activities such as paperwork, household activities or even driving. This is definitely not the time to be on autopilot.

If being grounded in reality is something you require assistance with, you have many options to choose from. Wearing woody scents or carrying vetiver or patchouli essential oils so that you can smell them as need be is a good way to ground yourself mentally. If you are connected to crystals, wearing jewelry that is made of hematite, smoky quartz or jet would be beneficial. You can also carry these stones on you or keep them close to you. Lastly, (and perhaps my favourite option) you can also get someone to give you a foot massage. If there aren’t any volunteers tripping over the chance of massaging your heavenly feet, a reflexology treatment also works too.

So overall, this retrograde period isn’t really asking anything of us that we shouldn’t already be doing. So between now and June 11th, the end of Mercury’s retrograde period, check your facts, stay grounded and avoid mental distraction and don’t engage in gossip.

I’ve said this many times but I will repeat; Mercury is our teacher and when he moves into retrograde motion, we are being tested on the current curriculum. This is not the kind of test that judges us based on grade. Rather, this is more of a gauge to see how well we have mastered the mind and communication (Mercury’s primary concerns).

The quote that I have posted above is true on both mundane and esoteric levels. Our words are reflective of our state of mind and our words have the power to shape reality. All magick is spoken. If you’re curious to understand more about this statement and the esoteric teachings behind it, message me about the Empower Thyself class. If you haven’t attended yet, you’re truly missing out!

So until June 11th, be diligent in your fact-checking, avoid gossip and slander and stay grounded and focused on the details of your works. And get that foot massage…definitely get the foot massage.

Many Blessings to you all!


p.s. In case any of you are interested, on Sunday May 31st I will be offering the Sacred Geometry 2 course where you learn some truly wonderful crystal healings, readings and protection grids. These are services that you will be certified to perform for yourself and clients. The pre-requisite Sacred Geometry 1 course is being offered on Saturday May 30th as well. You can message me on my contact page to register.


Beware of Propaganda and Fear-Mongering: Mars opposite Saturn

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Hi everyone!


I hope you've been able to successfully utilize the extra mental energy we've all been dealing with! I wanted to take some time to write about an upcoming influence that is relatively short but may be rather trying for some of us.


On the 15th, Mars will be opposing Saturn in the skies and in general, this can be a time where any issues we have with authority come forward. Whether we're dealing with a despotic tyrant of a boss, trouble with becoming an authority of some sort ourselves, or the incompetence of an institution or government with authority, there is something to be laid at our doorstep, large or small. And this is something that can be experienced in either direction as well! Perhaps you have a problem with authority and are challenging it, or you as an authority are being challenged.


No matter the circumstance, you will probably find that something is out of alignment with what authority is, how it should function and what purpose it serves.


That being said, this is just a general overview of what the opposition between Mars and Saturn can look like. I'd like to get more specific as this opposition occurs in the signs of Gemini (Mars) and Sagittarius (Saturn). Gemini is the sign of brother/sisterhood and is usually depicted as a pair of twins holding hands. At this point in time, we can visualize Mars acting as a wedge separating the hands of the twins so that they are no longer in union. Bitter, violent words further separate the two and propaganda ensues.


Saturn in Sagittarius is the authoritarian who derives power through religion and idealism. This authoritarian either "derives their power from God" or proclaims them self as a living representation of an ideal. These ideals are likely tied to the boxes we put society into: gender, class, race, nationality, political leaning, etc.


In this opposition, hateful words and propaganda become a tool by which divides created by idealism and classification are further widened. There is a lot going on in the world that revolves around religion and nationalism. ISIL continue to spread their "religious" propaganda in the hopes of recruiting more susceptible young people to further their war. Remnants of the KLA (a terrorist organization trained by Bin Laden and Al Qaeda) now set their sights on Macedonia. The Boko Haram are still at large and there are more conflicts that are bubbling and brewing all over the world. There are many conflicts that we don't hear about in the West and are still ignorant of as well.


So as we listen to the news, as we watch on with horror at what is happening around the world, it is easy at this time to cultivate hatred for individuals, groups, religions and ideologies. It is easy at this time to say that we should do away with a particular group of people and it is easier than ever to voice these opinions out loud. But don't forget that all of these authorities be they individuals or groups are human too. Don't allow yourself to be goaded into fear and hatred.


Unfortunately, hatred and fear are two of the largest emotions that the world thrives on today. And so on a day where Mars and Saturn move into conflict and create that tension between individuals and authority, it is extra important to take time to remember the humanity in others. Remember that these people or groups of people have families, worries and stresses the same way you do. They laugh, they cry and they do their best to make their way through life, just as you do. 99.9 % of people in this world are good people...remember that.

And remember that in most instances, the issue is not the individual. It is our systems that are broken and produce what many people perceive as the injustices of the world.


Under other circumstances, this opposition of Mars and Saturn could really have been a productive time of aligning authority with true service and for those of us who are in a place to effect that, please do so. Make sure that your use of power as an authority is doing what you want it to do. And for the rest of us, let's keep ourselves elevated above hatred, fear and propaganda. We aren't doing anyone any favours by subscribing to these tools of evil.


In short, be an authority in your life and stand up as a leader aligned with your purpose. As others around you express hatred and fear, help elevate them out of that state. Be that anchor of light that keeps others grounded. And most importantly, don't allow news and events to create opinions in your mind, that is how you open the door to hatred and fear. Have no opinions!


When the world decides that hatred is right, let's all be like Captain America, plant ourselves by the river of truth and say: "No, YOU move."


Wesak Scorpio Full Moon Meditation

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Hi Everyone!


For this Full Moon, I would actually like to post an exercise that you can use to make the most of this Full Moon. The Scorpio Full Moon is known as Wesak and celebrates the birth, death and enlightenment of the Buddha. In esoteric astrology, Wesak is also celebrated as the return of the Buddha to the earth and is the day in which we can most strongly tune in to his gifts, teachings and energy.


So as I mentioned in the May forecast, Mercury (governor of the mind) moves into Out of Bounds territory today and while there, we may have a case of semi-permanent TMI as the mind is on overdrive picking up on more details and information than usual. So I had a bit of a chuckle when sitting down to write this exercise because the mind becomes injected with steroids the very day that the master of the mind returns to the earth to bless us! Coincidental? I think not!


In addition, this is the Scorpio Full Moon and the Moon, Mercury and Scorpio are all heavenly bodies that work with the 4th ray of creation which is received into the energy field via the Root chakra. Mental ideas and information are completely useless unless they are grounded put into action (this is the function of the Root chakra) and so I strongly encourage you to take the time to work with this exercise over the next few days. The energy of this Full Moon will last until Wednesday evening or Thursday morning depending on your location. This exercise can help your mind to set the tone as to how it works with and responds to this extra dose of intelligence and information. It will also bring clarity and peace so that you are able to handle this time of higher mental activity without undue stress.


That being said, please enjoy!


Wesak Meditation for clarity of mind


If you can do this meditation outside under the Moonlight this would be wonderful, otherwise it can be done anywhere at any time, preferably near a window.


Get comfortable and seat yourself in a chair, taking a few moments to relax your body and breathe. Closing your eyes, visualize the Full Moon glowing a beautiful pearl colour above your head for approximately 5 or 10 minutes. Feel the light coming in through the crown chakra (top of the head) and filling your mind as you hold this image of the Moon above your head.


Once this is completed, visualize yourself sitting cross-legged in front of a pond with still water. The surroundings may be anything you wish. Look into that still quiet pond and see your reflection, not as you but as the Buddha himself. Sit in stillness, looking at the mirrored reflection of you as Buddha for 5 minutes. After this point, you may address Buddha with any questions you may have or ask for guidance on how to have greater peace of mind.


Once completed, give thanks to Buddha and return back to the visualization of the Full Moon and feel or visualize its energy overflowing from the mind and down your spine all the way down to the root chakra (groin) and in to Mother Earth below you. This piece is also done for 5 to 10 minutes.


This is the completion of the exercise, if there are any particular projects or discoveries you wish to make, you can also take a few minutes to pray to Buddha and ask for his assistance.